The Current (now Former) Uranus square to Pluto


Although I consider the natal chart to be dominant factor in the synchronicity that is the human psyche experiences with the astrological symbol set, I recognize that transits do play a role and are part of the synchronicity of life’s experience.  That said, I do not make too much of transits.  While they can indicate the “astrological weather” you may be experiencing, I do not put much stock in them as predictors of events. 

 There are a number of reasons for my position.  One is my belief in the astrological symbols set as indicating potentialities based upon the essential meanings of the symbols.  At the level of events on the physical plane, these potentialities are legion.  Uranus square Venus can just as easily indicate coming to terms with your need to individuate in order to bring your relationship to the next level as it can indicate divorce and there are a thousand possibilities in between.

 Another huge reason is my belief in the futility and uselessness of predicting the future.  Christ said, “Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered” and the Qur’an states, “Not a leaf falls but with His knowledge;  there is not a grain in the depths of the earth nor anything green or withered but is inscribed in a record clear for those who can read.”  Yes, the future can be known (although not with certainty) but when we are all subject to our fate, which no one can change, what good does it do? 

 With that said, there was much excitement about the recent Grand Cross pattern in the skies, which has now passed; but the Uranus-Pluto square remains.  In fact, Uranus and Pluto have been squaring each other in and out of orb since 2009 and pretty consistently since 2011.  Exact squares occurred in June and September 2012, May and November 2013, and April 2014.  The square will continue, mostly in separation, through 2017.  If you have planets in late Pisces through mid-Aries or early to mid-Capricorn, you may have felt this (as well as some with planets in late Virgo to mid-Libra or early to mid-Cancer).  If you have planets from mid-Aries to late Aries or mid-Capricorn (as well as mid- to late Libra and mid-Cancer), you may continue to feel this.

 Despite the obvious political symbolism of freedom in conflict with power, I am not in the camp that sees this square as having any effect on world politics.  Frankly, the world is always full of upheaval somewhere and the conflict between freedom and power is age old.  That said, times may indeed seem more turbulent (the last Uranus-Pluto square was during the Great Depression) and this energy can sow the seeds of future experience of turbulence and conflict for those born with the square. 

 If you have planets in Aries, you may or may have experienced a certain amount of turmoil prompted by sudden changes or radical shifts.  The ultimate purpose of these disruptions is to bring you to the next level of individuation.  The progression of Aries is to move from the naïve, innocent experience of self to the spiritually mature realization of Self.  Along the way, it is easy to get stuck at various levels of ego.  With ego, there is always attachment.  Although you may think you are independent and free, as long as your independence and sense of freedom is dependent on you having your own way, this is an illusion.  For, as long as you are attached to outcomes, you are dependent.  As the Sufi, Ibn al-`Arabi would say, you are nothing but a contingent being.  Uranus’ role is to shake up those attachments, by violent earthquake if necessary.  Only by losing your attachments can you be truly free and truly individuated.  

 The Pluto square can add another layer of turmoil to your life, one that is the result of the utter destruction your attachments.  This may be conflict and turmoil that is compounding the turmoil you are feeling as a result of the Aries transit or it may occur in an area of life represented by the house in which Pluto resides.  You may also feel as if something much more powerful than you is standing in your way, imprisoning you or even trying to destroy your freedom.

 If you have planets in Capricorn that have or are being transited by Pluto, you may feel that what you have worked so hard to build up and had thought was permanent and secure is being destroyed.  It may feel as if your world is being ripped out from underneath you and that you are falling into a deep abyss.  You may feel as if you are losing control over everything for which you have worked so hard.  All your attempts to regain control may only be met with more disruption, opposition and destruction.

 At the same time, you may be experiencing sudden and unforeseen changes in the area of life symbolized by the house through which Uranus is traveling in your chart.  You may experience separations, whether this is an urge to separate that you are feeling or involuntary.  You may also feel an urge to escape or be free, particularly from the situation you are experiencing as a result of the Pluto transit.

 You are likely to experience tensions and conflict that involve control issues, separation and freedom.  The Uranian energy may be pushing your Aries function to be free while the Plutonian energy may be holding on to what is being pulverized and collapsing all around you.  If you remain in the conflict of the square, trying to assert your freedom, on the one hand and trying to control everything and everyone around you (or just trying to gain some control over your situation), you are likely to find that you can obtain neither and that you remain powerless against the forces that are grinding you down, pushed and buffeted by changes in your life and bound to your attachments. 

 The key to true liberation and to regaining power and control is surrender.  Surrender to life’s inevitabilities, to your karmic destiny, to the necessity of detachment, will allow you to accept all that is going on in your life.  By surrendering, by admitting defeat, you stop struggling against what you cannot change, against that over which you have no control.  This allows you to go deeper and higher, to a place where you can merge and feel at One with that Power that will do with you what It will regardless of your ego’s desires.

Of course, the Aries-Gemini energy will be modulated by the planets involved, whether in your own chart or someone else’s.  The rulerships of Mars and Mercury may also come into play.   --  Gargatholil

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