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This is the fifteenth installment of a new series of interpretations of the astrological symbol set. For interpretations of Planets in Signs, Planets in Houses and Planets in Aspect, please see the Depth Astrology series at the Smashwords e-publishing site, . 


The dynamics of sign-to-sign relationships can be useful not only in the interpretation of compatibility charts; they can also add information to the interpretation of planetary aspects.  As with other symbol set interpretations, the juxtaposition of the essential energies of each sign is the starting off point for exploring their meanings.


This series continues with Taurus-Cancer and will end with Pisces-Pisces, working around the zodiacal wheel factorially with a new zodiacal combination presented each month.  Past month’s articles are archived.  Upon completion, some 5 ˝ years from now, Insha’Allah, these articles will immediately be published as an e-book for sale.




Taurus-Cancer resonates most frequently with both the sextile  aspect, although semi-squares and out-of-sign squares are also possible.  Sextiles occur throughout the progression through the two signs. Semi-squares are possible from the second half of Taurus to the first half of Cancer.  An out-of-sign square may occur between containers in very early Taurus and very late Cancer.  Thus, while the relationship between Taurus and Cancer (and other signs one-sign-separated) is generally harmonious, potential incompatibilities can exist.   A significant indicator of the inherent compatability between Taurus and Cancer is that Moon is exalted in Taurus.


Interpreting the Taurus-Cancer combination may also shed some light on a number of related symbol sets.  These include Taurus in the fourth house and Cancer in the second house.  Also related to the Taurus-Cancer combination are Venus in the fourth house, Venus in Cancer, Moon in the second house, Moon in Taurus, and Moon-Venus aspects.


As a reminder, “container” is used here as a general term designating a planet whether in one’s own chart or another’s.  When in another’s chart, “container” may practically be viewed to mean the other person.  So that the analysis doesn’t wind up seeming too cold and depersonalized, I will sometimes use the personal pronoun (you) in lieu of the impersonal “container.”  Recognize that either term can refer to a planetary energy within you or your relationship with another person.


With Taurus-Cancer, we have the pairing of Fixed Earth and Cardinal Water.  The Earth and Water energies are viewed as compatible.  Earth provides water with stability and form.  Water travels through, over and under the ground and earth can also be made into a container to carry water.  Without earth, water becomes formless.  Even the ocean is supported by the floor of the Earth.  Only in its dissipated state, as vapor, mixed with air, does water exist without earth. 

In turn, water is necessary in order for earth to become fecund.  Without water, earth is barren and dry, cracked and ugly, and useless.  With water completely absent, earth turns to dust.  Water will also turn earth to its purposes, carving out channels through rock and adding its plasticity to form clay (which can be formed into a vessel for water). 

The mutual reliance of earth and water illuminates the relationship between Taurus and Cancer.  It is natural for Taurus to provide support and stability for the emotionally changeable Cancer.  For the Cancer container, Taurus can become your rock and your anchor, someone/something that is always there, reliably, predictably.  Cancer and Taurus both occupy houses that are associated with security and both signs have the quality of needing/appreciating security.  As second house accumulation is the foundation upon which fourth house domestication is built, so the Taurean drive to stabilize your world and make it safe, secure and plentiful can form a foundation that can alleviate one source, at least, of worry and insecurity for the Cancer container.  Taurus may be the one sign with whom Cancer can let his/her/its guard down, secure in Taurus' steadfastness and loyalty--the least likely to betray and expose your vulnerability. 

A danger in the relationship exists, however, due those very Taurean qualities of long-suffering, passivity, and desire to support.  Taurus can be Cancer's ideal emotional confidant but he/she should be careful not to abuse Taurus' general willingness to always be there for you.  It would be easy for you to take your Taurean companion as a dumping ground for your emotions, always ready to vent to, always there to absorb your emotional discharges. 

Another uncomfortable dynamic can occur when Taurean Bull meets Cancerian Crab.  Taurus is not known for being the most tactful or sensitive sign.  Perhaps because so little phases him/her, he/she can be unaware of the turmoil that can result from a thoughtless remark or a failure to respond with sensitivity.  Since Cancer is known for being hyper-sensitive and vulnerable, sometimes the two do not make a good combination.  Situations can arise wherein Cancer can turn away with hurt feelings and Taurus has no idea what is going on or why.  This can undermine the trust that the Cancerian container should have in the Taurean.

Coming back to the topic of security, the mutual need for secure environments shared by Taurus and Cancer can go far in cementing enduring bonds between containers in these signs.  Taurus can make Cancer feel safe and secure while Cancer's tendency toward absorption in creating secure domestic and emotional environments can give Taurus a sense of purpose and being appreciated, as well as the feeling that his/her efforts will be appropriately conserved and not squandered.

This providing a safe harbor for the fruits of his/her labor is one of the ways in which the Cancerian container can water and make fruitful the Taurean.  Taurus can also be a willing and appreciative recipient of the care that Cancer often needs to bestow.  This care and nurturing can generally only do good for the hard-laboring Taurus.  The archetype of the weary laborer returning home to be welcomed by a warm fire, a satisfying meal, a hot soak and an attentive wife is emblematic of the Taurus-Cancer relationship.  It is through this caring and nurturing that Taurus is motivated to happily persist and become even more fruitful in his/her labors. 

It is also far from the case that Taurus is devoid of emotion but, sometimes, due to the Fixed nature of the sign, there may be some difficulty in expressing that emotion.  Cancer, the repository of emotional energy, can draw that emotion out of the Taurus container and can send it flowing through safe and appropriate channels.  A particular dynamic consistent with the Taurus-Cancer energy is for Cancer's loving nurturing to evoke Taurus' loving devotion. 

Remember that both Taurus and Cancer are ruled by planets associated with emotional functionality.  Considering the natural dynamic between the Moon and Venus, it may be the Taurean container who guides and modulates the raw, Cancerian emotions.  For Taurus generally has the finer sense of emotional discrimination (when you are responding to your Venusian side rather than the Bull).  Often, the mechanism for guiding and channelling the Cancerian emotion is through your choices of what to appreciate and what to distain.  Your innate stability and emotional anchoredness can also have a calming effect when Cancer's changing moods run to volatile.  Your insistence on holding to the center and your own example are often beneficial when Cancerian emotions get out of control and irrational.  When earth provides a channel for water, water will usually find its way there.  And centering into the primordial Waters of Becoming is what Cancer needs most.

The Fixed and Cardinal modalities of Taurus and Cancer present opportunities for both support and conflict.  It is the Fixed quality of Taurus that underlies all of the ways in which you support and provide steadiness to your Cancer partner.  It is the Cardinal quality of Cancer that underlies all of the ways in which you guide and bring out the positive qualities of your Taurean partner.  However, when containers are pursuing different objects or directions, then it is likely to be the modalities that signify the conflict that may occur.  When Cancer intuits a decision, object or direction that the Taurean container does not share, the result is less likely to be an outright battle as a tug-of-war, with Cancer doing the pulling and Taurus digging in to retain his/her position.  Seduction, pleading, emotional tirade, guilt tripping, evoking pity and withdrawal may all be tried against immovable Taurus.  To the Taurean container, this may feel like the waves of the ocean, crashing down upon the shore and then sucking in to draw the earth itself into the bosom of the ocean.  The  more the earth stands firm, the more fury may be whipped up by the ocean until either the rock topples or the storm subsides.  Similarly, when you see your Taurean partner stubbornly refusing to take the course you see as for his/her good, you may employ all manner of emotional tools and tricks to get him/her to change his/her mind. 

Ironically, it is Taurean Fixity that may ultimately cause Taurus to lose patience with the Cancerian container.  Due to its association with the Moon, Cancer is probably the most chageable of the Cardinal signs.  This constant change of mood and emotional temperature can grate upon your proclivity for stability.  If the Cancer container becomes too emotionally volatile, a "last straw" moment may occur.  Similarly, the Cancer container may become frustrated with Taurus' inflexibility and pig-headedness.  Taurean lack of emotional sensitivity is likely to be the soar point.  However, the Crab is no match for the Bull in a direct fight.  If you confront your Taurean partner, it is likely that you will be crushed--Bull-dozed.  The Crab must run, nipping the Bull with its pincers and avoiding the Bull's feet.  In other words, you are apt to engage in emotional guerrilla warfare with your Taurean opponent.

Another manifestation of Taurean Fixity is obsessive dedication.  The archetype for this is the workaholic who has not time for his/her family.  The family care-giver complains but to no avail.  He/she winds up feeling abandoned due to the Taurean's misplaced devotion.


On the transcendent level, the Taurus-Cancer relationship is between spiritual partners helping each other to attain the ultimate Goal.  Cancer needs centeredness and, for centeredness, he/she must have the stability that his/her Taurus partner can provide.  Only when he/she is centered, when his/her emotions are at peace, can he/she access the energies of the Life-giving Cosmic Womb.  The Taurean mission is devotion to the Real and, to achieve this, he/she must discriminate and choose wisely.  On route to the Real lies through the Divine Feminine, the Holy Mother, which the Cancer transcendent archetype embodies.  Through his/her dedication to the Path of Devotion, the Taurean partner also informs the Cancerian container of Right Value, which is essential in the Quest.

Of course, all of the Taurus-Cancer dynamics can play out internally, as well as between two people.  The Taurus-Cancer energy will also be modulated by the planets involved, whether in your own chart or someone else’s.  The depositorships of Venus and the Moon may also come into play.  --  Gargatholil

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