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This is the forty-sixth installment of a series of sign-to-sign interpretations of the astrological symbol set. For interpretations of Planets in Signs, Planets in Houses and Planets in Aspect, please see the Depth Astrology series at the Smashwords e-publishing site,

The dynamics of sign-to-sign relationships can be useful not only in the interpretation of compatibility charts; they can also add information to the interpretation of planetary aspects.  As with other symbol set interpretations, the juxtaposition of the essential energies of each sign is the starting off point for exploring their meanings.

This series continues with Leo-Scorpio and will end with Pisces-Pisces, working around the zodiacal wheel factorially with a new zodiacal combination presented each month.  Past month’s articles are archived.  Upon completion, some 3 years from now, Insha’Allah, these articles will immediately be published as an e-book for sale. 

Leo Scorpio

Leo-Scorpio potentially resonates with the square between two planets.  However, out-of-sign sextiles may occur between planets in the latter half of Leo and the first half of Scorpio and an out-of-sign trine is also possible between planets in early Leo and late Scorpio.  Thus, the Leo-Scorpio relationship, while generally considered to be incompatible, can display more harmonious behaviors.  That said, the Leo-Scorpio combination is perhaps one of the most intense of all zodiac juxtapositions.   Interpreting the Leo-Scorpio combination may also shed some light on a number of related symbol sets.  These include Leo in the eighth house, Scorpio in the fifth house, the Sun in Scorpio, Pluto in Leo, the Sun in the eighth house, Pluto in the fifth house and aspects between the Sun and Pluto.
As a reminder, “container” is used here as a general term designating a planet whether in one’s own chart or another’s.  When in another’s chart, “container” may practically be viewed to mean the other person.  So that the analysis doesn’t wind up seeming too cold and depersonalized, I will sometimes use the personal pronoun (you) in lieu of the impersonal “container.”  Recognize that either term can refer to a planetary energy within you or your relationship with another person.

With Leo-Scorpio, we have the pairing of  the Fixed Fire and Fixed Water signs.  Thus, the relationship between the two containers would seem to be contentious.  Fire and Water traditionally are seen as in conflict with each other and the fact that both modalities are Fixed seems to add to the intensity of the conflictImages that may be associated with Leo-Scorpio include a flame thrower battling a water canon, an incendiary underwater explosion, a fire that has caused a pot to boil over, and a castle surrounded by a moat undergoing an aerial bombardment.

The first image highlights conflict between the Leo and Scorpio containers involving power and control.  Think of this image not as the wielders of these weapons trying to extinguish each other but rather as a battle to win dominance using the elemental power associated with each sign.  Power and control are issues for both Leo and Scorpio, associated with the Fixed modality's typical need for security.  However, containers in the two signs will approach this issue from different perspectives and with different security needs and this will often produce conflict. 

The Leo container will generally seek security by expressing power and wanting to control the ways in which others see them and react to them (influencing others in ways so that they give the Leo container positive strokes, appreciation, and deference).  Thus, the Leo container's sense of security generally is dependent on others and comes from the external world.  Security is achieved when their self-worth is validated, which may be through a recognition of their creative accomplishments but most of the time involves feeling that they are loved and lovable (or that they are important), which usually takes the form of positive reactions to their personality.  For the Leo container, the purpose of exercising power and control is mostly to achieve an outcome associated with the validation of their self-worth through a validation of their personality.  Losing control risks vulnerability to failing to achieve validation and, thus, the fear of losing control and power is a typical Leo insecurity.

For the Scorpio container, security comes from self-control and control over forces that might destabilize that sense of self-control.  The Scorpio container is apt to be unconsciously (or consciously) aware of powerful forces and emotions within themselves that could erupt with negative consequences if they are not kept under control.  Thus, the Scorpio's sense of security generally is a function of their inner state.  External forces (and people) may be seen as threats that need to be controlled by exercising power over them but the real purpose of this external control is to reinforce their feeling of self-control, which extends to feeling that they have control over their environment.  These competing dynamics can set up a number of points of conflict between Leo and Scorpio containers.

Of course, the obvious potential for conflict is: who is to be in control?  Both containers, for different reasons, seek to control their external worlds and the people that inhabit them.  Conflict may arise not only because both containers want to bring the same "landscape" under their control but, particularly in a close relationship, they are likely to seek to bring the other under their control, as well.  This sets up a dynamic of a battle of wills (contesting over territory) as well, potentially, of resistance and defense against the other container's efforts to exert control over you.  If the containers are planets within a single chart, this conflict is likely to be expressed by competing psychological functions (associated with the planets), each seeking to be dominant within the psyche and to take control in order to make sure that its own needs are met.

Conflict can also arise because each container by their very nature threatens the others' sense of security.  Because the Leo container generally seeks security through the approval of others, they typically will have an outgoing or extroverted nature.  They are constantly putting themselves out there and, in the process, creating excitement, eventfulness and drama in order to attract attention.  To the Scorpio container, this behavior is likely to be seen as destabilizing and a threat to the tight control that they seek to maintain over their environment (in order to better maintain their own self-control).  A typical Scorpio reaction to Leo may be: WHAT are you doing?!  followed by attempts to shut down the Leo behavior.

From the Leo container's point of view, the Scorpionic tendency toward obsessive control will usually be seen as restricting your freedom, autonomy and self-expression.  Internally, this can manifest as your efforts at creativity and your desire for self-expression being met by resistance from the Scorpionic part of your psyche, which is telling you to hold back or creates fears of exposure.  This generally results in inner conflictedness or, if the Scorpio container is external, in resentment, resistance or open conflict. 

If aspects between the Leo and Scorpio containers are favorable, however, there may be some potential for resolution or cooperation.  The key to a more favorable outcome will be for both containers to learn to negotiate their different approaches to power and security so that conflict may be avoided and the positions of the two containers may actually complement each other.  It may be the case that the Leo container, through their more extroverted application of power, can aid the Scorpio container to express or exercise their own power.  It may even be the case that your Leo influence may loosen your Scorpio partner's inhibitions and need for close control, although this may be difficult and always tenuous.  The benefit of a cooperative relationship for the Leo container is the opportunity to enlist your Scorpio counterpart to enhance and intensify your own power and authority.  This is likely to involve some power-sharing arrangement or definitely some quid pro quo exchange.  The Scorpio energy could also be used to focus and, thus, intensify the application of your Leonine power.

The image of the incendiary underwater explosion highlights the conflict between the Scorpionic tendency toward secrecy, inhibition and keeping things under tight control, and the Leo container's desire to spotlight, fully expose, and publicly perform.  The tension and conflict here is the result of the Leo container's proclivity to "light up the sky" while the Scorpio energy prefers to operate under the cover of darkness or secrecy.  The image could also be of a bright flare exposing the activities of a burglar (not to cast negative stereotypes upon Scorpio).  When Leo invades the Scorpionic underworld, the result--at least from the Scorpio container's perspective--is likely to be explosive and traumatic.  We're reminded of the song "Stage Fright" by The Band.  For the Scorpio container, getting caught in the Leo spotlight is extremely uncomfortable.  Thus, the Scorpio container will tend to try to remove themself from the vicinity of a Leo container, putting up all sorts of blockades, ramping up their privacy settings to the max, and generally wanting to stay hidden to the extreme.  This, of course, places you at a detriment because you can no longer exercise your power in a positive or active mode because that would expose you, particularly when your Leo counterpart is shining so much light around.  The temptation is to fall back on a classic Scorpio maneuver--wielding your power surreptitiously.  Forced to retreat into a covert position, you may very well aim your power at your Leo counterpart in an effort to shut off that blinding light.  Thus, the Leo container is likely to find themself hampered by their Scorpio counterpart who is likely to try at every turn to prevent their Leo counterpart from shining like the Sun.

Another manifestation of this dynamic may occur internally.  Here, Scorpio represents the subconscious with all of its hidden secrets and shadow places.  The Leo container insists on exposing all of your subconscious content, which can seem like the uncovering of Pandora's box.  As in the Greek myth, the results of this premature unveiling are likely to be unpleasant and destabilizing which, of course, has ramifications for the Leo container who now must deal with the constant interference from the Scorpionic subconscious.   Perhaps the only "positive" outcome of this dynamic may be the forced rapid transformation of or through the Scorpio container.  After all, the purpose of the Plutonian function associated with Scorpio is to clean out the negative, obsolete and hindering content of the subconscious, freeing the psyche from her deep attachments and allowing a profound transformation to occur.  Ideally, we want this process to occur in a manageable, relatively conscious way but the almost violent intrusion of the Leo energy into the subconscious can trigger a nuclear explosion that vastly accelerates the process.  The adage, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" comes to mind.

The image of a fire causing a pot to boil over suggests the aggravations and the dangers possible in the Leo-Scorpio combination.  Here, the Leo container seems to be the instigator, although this is not necessarily intentional and the dynamic may be seen to focus on an excessive Scorpionic reaction to the Leo energy.  Whether it is jealousy at the attention that the Leo container always seems to monopolize or feeling threatened and challenged by Leo's assertion of authority, the Leo container by their very nature can cause your blood to boil.  It may also be the case that you feel that your Leo counterpart is always turning up the heat on you.  When your pot boils over, though, the results are not good for your Leo counterpart, for your hot, boiling water will put out a Leo fire just as effectively as cold water will.  This, however, does not come without a display of hissing and steam.  Your reaction to what you may perceive as Leo's provocation may be simmering anger or revenge, but it will generally have a negative or dampening effect on your Leo counterpart--which fulfills your objective of putting out their fire.

This image also suggests the possibility that the Leo container cannot help trying to heat up their Scorpio counterpart.  The Leo container may become frustrated by their Scorpio partner's emotional withdrawal and take measures to bring their Scorpio partner emotionally more to life--that is to display their emotions so that the two containers can interact at the emotional level on an equal footing.  However, what the Leo container may not realize is that, when your Scorpio partner does reveal their emotions, they do so with an intensity that may be unexpected.  With this dynamic, then, the image of the incendiary underwater explosion refers to the explosiveness of the Scorpio container's emotions, which erupt from the watery depths of the subconscious.  This may be too much for you to handle, or you may welcome getting everything out into the open.  The Scorpio container, however, may not wish to keep their emotional baggage out in the open and, when the eruption is over, may retreat back into their emotional privacy.  The Leo container may, however, continue to pull their Scorpio partner to come out into the open and reveal their emotions and, especially if this dynamic is internal, this may create quite a bit of tension between the Leo and Scorpio containers.

The last image, that of a moated castle undergoing an aerial bombardment, also suggests the Scorpio container being in a defensive position relative to their Leo counterpart.  We can envision flaming arrows crossing the moat falling on the castle ramparts or, the "bombardment" may simply be a display of fireworks.  Regardless, the Scorpio container, in this dynamic, is likely to view the theatrics and bombast of their Leo counterpart as an attempt to invade your privacy.  Whether your Leo partner is only showing off or whether they are really trying to break through your defenses to engage with you, you are likely to just want to be left alone.  This, of course, will probably be off-putting to your Leo partner who, after all, may just be trying to show you that there is more to the world than what you can see from under your rock.  They may not realize that coming out from the cool shade of your protective rock into the harsh glare of the desert Sun is uncomfortable for you, to say the least.  Your Leo counterpart may have a valid point, however--that leaving your comfort zone and appreciating the display of the world may be good for you.

We can now look at the relationship between the two signs as informed by their ruling planets--the Sun and Pluto.  Here we have the center of the solar system and its farthest planet (at least when Pluto is not intersecting Neptune's orbit).  We also have the hottest object in our solar system (the Sun) and the coldest (Pluto), as well as the largest astrological planet and the smallest.  There, thus, seems to be a strong element of duality and opposition inherent in the Leo-Scorpio relationship, even though the two signs are naturally square rather than in opposition.  The dynamic is taken to an even more complex level when we consider that Pluto, more than any other planet, symbolizes polarization and its extremes.  Thus, the Sun-Pluto dynamic, seen from the point of view of its natural polarity, mirrors the internal dynamic that is associated with Pluto.  This suggests a process whereby the Leo container becomes thoroughly entangled and wrapped up in the dynamics of the Scorpio container.  From a generalized viewpoint, we can suggest that it is not uncommon, when Leo and Scorpio containers are in contact, for the Leo container to be pulled into whatever plots, machinations, internal conflicts, or crises in which the Scorpio container is involved.  When this occurs, it is likely that the Scorpio container will then project onto the Leo container whatever is the opposite of that with which the Scorpio container is identifying.  At the same time, there exists an intense attraction between the Scorpio and Leo containers and intense conflict or repulsion.

A further complicating dynamic occurs when we consider the psychological function of Pluto.  The Plutonian energy is known to polarize and separate out what is negative, outmoded and holding one back and then to crush and destroy it in order to transform the psyche.  While this Plutionian dynamic can be working on any psychic content, the ultimate object to be destroyed and transformed is the ego, or identity--that very function that is symbolized by the Sun.  Thus, of all the signs, Leo is sure to be the most rapidly and aggressively targeted by the Scorpionic forces working subconsciously to achieve transformation and liberation.  This would only be enhanced, or agitated, by Leo's display of identity or ego, which is typically Leo's hallmark.  Given this dynamic, it would not be uncommon for the Scorpio container to view their Leo counterpart as representing a force to be taken down.  In any case, it is likely that a dynamic will exist between the two containers in which the Leo container will strive to display and draw attention to themself, validating the existence and authenticity of their identity, while the Scorpio container is bent on tearing down the persona and obliterating the ego. 

Of course, the Scorpio container is often not functioning at their higher level so that they are working to return the consciousness to its Origin, the Source of all Power and Being.  Instead, this primal yearning is likely to be suboptimized into other activity involving power, sex (seeking union), or destructive (or self-destructive) activities.  The presence of a Leo container can result in a number of manifestations of this dynamic.  The Leo container may become a target of the suboptimized energy of the Scorpio container as the Scorpio container displaces their internal defense mechanisms onto the Leo container.   The Leo container's overt display of identity and ego may bring unwanted subconscious reminders to the Scorpio container of their own neglected inner work, which may make the Scorpio container defensive or cause them to withdraw from the Leo container.  Or, the Scorpio container may see the light cast by the Leo container as threatening to their plans and activities.

If the Scorpio container is doing their inner work, then they may be tempted to also impose that work upon their Leo counterpart.  Seeing the uninhibited self-expression of their Leo counterpart, they may conclude that their partner needs to work on their ego and take it upon themselves to "educate" their Leo counterpart to that affect.  They may, of course, internalize their perceptions of the Leo container, using their Leo counterpart as a sort of mirror of their own frailties upon which they must devote some effort to overcome.  It may be difficult to realize that their Leo partner has their own pathway to self-realization and allow them to pursue that Leonine path.

The Leo container may wonder how their Scorpio counterpart can have such a strong affect on them.  Leo, generally, would not be used to external forces affecting them (except in the capacity of directing their efforts to seek attention from them).  Thus, the Scorpio container is likely to be perceived as a threat to Leo's autonomy and sovereignty.  The Leo container may have an urge to engulf the Scorpio container in their power and light and to assert their authority over this farthest planet.  Such efforts, of course, would be viewed as unwelcome by their Scorpio counterpart. 

Finally, let us look at the glyphs of the two signs--the Lion and the Scorpion but also the Lion and the Eagle, and the Lion and the Phoenix--for Scorpio may express its energy through each of these glyphs depending on the level of consciousness.   When Scorpio is expressing through its Scorpion glyph, the relationship between Leo and Scorpio can easily be seen as acrimonious and filled with danger for both sides.  If there is head-on combat, the Lion can easily tear the Scorpion to shreds.  This suggests that the Leo container may have considerable power within the Leo-Scorpio relationship, particularly when the two containers are in conflict.  However, if the Scorpio does manage to sting the paw of the Lion, the result can be deadly, indicating that in a confrontation the Scorpio container is not without defense and ability to hurt the Leo container.  More to Scorpio's advantage, however, is to strike from behind, ideally catching the Lion unawares.  Thus, the Leo container may approach their Scorpio counterpart with suspicion and caution, oftentimes rightly so.  The Scorpion will not generally strike without reason, however.  Thus, it may only be when the Scorpio container feels threatened by the Leo container that they will plot to nefariously disable their opponent.

The Eagle represents the strong, more self-aware Scorpio.  Here, the Eagle seems to have the upper hand against the Lion, if there is a confrontation that develops.  Both are symbols of power and autonomy, the Lion ruling the jungle (actually the plains) and the Eagle ruling the sky.  To the extent that their domains remain exclusive, they may coexist but if there is conflict over territory, the battle may become ferocious.  Conflict between the Lion and the Eagle may also be over food (security).  The eagle is not above scavenging, and a prize won by the Leo container may attract the attention of a powerful Scorpio, with a contest ensuing.

When Scorpio's glyph has transformed into the Phoenix, actual conflict between the Scorpio and Leo containers seems less probable.  At this level, both the Lion and the Phoenix may be seen as symbolizing spiritual success.  In Leo's case, it is the success of achieving Dominion--the dominion of the Self over the ego.  When Dominion is achieved, the spiritual kingdoms are at the command of the realized Leo.  In Scorpio's case, this success is the annihilation of the ego and the resurrection of the True Self from its ashes.  There is no real conflict here, unless it is which is the better and more permanent way to reach the Goal.  Thus, we see that the inherent Leo-Scorpio conflict is finally resolved when both containers are operating at their highest levels.

Of course, all of the Leo-Scorpio dynamics can play out internally, as well as between two people.  The Leo-Scorpio energy will also be modulated by the planets involved, whether in your own chart or someone else’s.  The depositorships of the Sun and Pluto may also come into play.  -- Gargatholil             
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