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          The Moon aspecting Pluto brings the emotional/subconscious function (symbolized by the Moon) in contact with the function that precipitates transformation through crisis (symbolized by Pluto).  The Plutonian function can be disruptive and challenging to your emotions and to your conditioned habits and behaviors.  It can also suggest crises and difficulties for those phenomena that are symbolized by the Moon, such as family and domestic life.  Additionally, because of the difficulty in bringing together the personal psyche (associated with the Moon, as an inner planet) and the transpersonal dimension (associated with Pluto, as an outer planet), there is a tendency for the dynamics between the two energies to be dysfunctional.  Thus, Moon-Pluto contacts are often regarded as being negative. 

However, there are some strong and important points of commonality between the Moon and Pluto.  Both are associated with the subconscious and with subconscious power.  Both are associated with the ultimate Source of things.  Both are associated with the emotions, as suggested by their rulership over water-signs.  Furthermore, both are associated with duality.  The primary difference is that, while the Moon’s association with these concepts revolves around their roles in everyday life, Pluto’s association is with these phenomena as transformative agents.

The dynamics created by these two poles of expression can be highly charged.   If this energy gets out of control, the results can be destructive.  However, at a higher and deeper level of expression, this energy can manifest a compelling attraction to the Inner Cosmic Source of all Becoming.

However, it is when Pluto manifests as a pull toward transformation that the psyche is most likely to experience conflict between the personal psyche and the transpersonal dimension.  When the ego resists the transformational pull, the Moon-Pluto energy tends to manifest at a low level of consciousness.  However, positive expressions of that energy are possible, even when the Pluto function is being non-transformational. 

The Moon symbolizes the maternal feminine psychological archetype, the Cosmic Mother.  The Cosmic Mother represents that Source from whom all things are born and out of whom all Becoming takes place.  From this archetype springs the Moon’s association with mothering, family, security, rootedness and the past.  A contact with Pluto often signifies that these phenomena are affected by Plutonian qualities and energy, including the crises provoked by the Plutonian urge for purification.

The positive, non-transformational manifestations of the Moon-Pluto contact occur when the Plutonian energy is channeled, non-destructively, to enhance your emotional life and/or your family dynamics, as a substitute for the transformation of those functions.  You may experience more intense and powerful emotions and you may have a magnetic emotional presence.  Your may play a powerful role in your family.  It is a slippery slope, however, by which these positive manifestations of the Moon-Pluto can become destructive and negative.  It only takes the ego becoming unbalanced or selfish for you to abuse force, power, sexuality and the will to dominate and take control, particularly through your emotions or in a domestic context. 

A Moon-Pluto contact suggests that the Plutonian transformational energy will act upon your emotions, your conditioned behaviors and your subconscious mind.  The Plutonian function achieves transformation by bringing the psyche into a state of crisis, from which the only real resolution is transformational.  Such a crisis is typically precipitated through a polarization of the psyche, generally into a negative and a positive camp.  This separation allows the psyche to confront these negative tendencies and attributes (which brings about crisis) and, ideally, to purge the negative elements from the psyche.  There is often a period of conflict associated with the confrontation.  This conflict may be internal and/or external in nature. 

Thus, a Moon-Pluto contact will usually signify the attempt, often subconscious, to rid the psyche of negative emotions and subconscious patterns, which often manifest in dysfunctional behavior or emotional complexes.  This attempt is not always successful—in fact, it is not completely successful in the majority of cases.  Lack of success may entail suppressed negativity, reactive negativity and/or the repetition of crises involving your emotions or other areas of life symbolized by the Moon.  A successful resolution of the crisis brings transformation and inner growth, together with a purification of your subconscious mind and your emotions, as well as behavioral deconditioning.


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Moon conjunct Pluto     Your Emotional/Conditioning Function is Closely Identified with Power and Transformation through Crisis

This is one of the more difficult and challenging conjunctions of the Moon, carrying with it the potential for emotional trauma, along with great emotional power.  With the Moon conjunct Pluto, you may be forced to confront your basic emotional drives and your subconscious, face their reality and purge whatever negativity you find there.  Because this is a painful process, many people with this aspect try to suppress the Plutonian drive to cleanse the soul.  Another, safer, way to avoid dealing with the call to radically transform that is associated with Pluto is to channel this energy into something less threatening.

Both Pluto and the Moon have an association with the subconscious and the conjunction suggests that there is a very strong subconscious element in your psyche.  Pluto symbolizes primal power and linking this to the emotional subconscious creates very strong subconscious drives that, if not addressed by you, will control your reactions and behavior.  You are, therefore, likely to be heavily conditioned by subconscious influences, to the extent that your behavior may exhibit compulsive characteristics.  If you make no attempt to gain self-awareness, you will operate blindly, being dominated by forces that you do not understand.  You may allow yourself to be dominated emotionally or you may yourself use your emotions to exert power over others. 

If you recognize the power of the subconscious and seek to actualize it, however, you will find that you grow in positive power and energy.  By taking a positive, transformative approach, you are particularly able to tap into the “feminine” forces of the psyche, so that your intuition, creativity and capacity for caring and nurturing are made strong. 

Generally, you will be emotionally focused, since you will be experiencing your emotions often with great intensity.  You may become very strong-willed emotionally.  You are also likely to express your emotions forcefully and intensely.  Sometimes, emotions may erupt from you and you will have little conscious control over your emotional expression.  This may be particularly true regarding anger. 

Often, your mother is a domineering force in your life.  She may be a symbol of power to you and/or she may play out her own drive for power through her children.  While this may result in you being “driven to success,” your relationship with your mother can be unhealthy.  The task of rectifying that relationship and of getting to the bottom of the psychological and emotional issues that embroil the relationship may be a substantial challenge for you. 

Pluto is associated with the process of purging negativity through crisis and the subsequent transformation that can take place.  The initial stage of this process is polarization.  You are likely to feel, at certain times in your life, that your emotions have become polarized and that you are torn between the positive and negative aspects of your emotional being.  You are likely to undergo an emotional crisis that is likely to bring you into contact with parts of yourself that have hitherto remained unconscious.  The bringing to the surface of emotionally painful, subconscious memories allows you to deal with these matters so that the process of healing and transformation can begin.  You must confront and purge the negativity that you find within yourself and, so, grow emotionally and personally. 

You may not be willing to bring these painful memories to the surface or to delve into your subconscious.  When this is the case, emotional tension lingers below the surface, finding expression in several possible manifestations.  One is through sexual activity.  You may seek to find comfort and emotional security in sex.  This may lead you to accept unhealthy and dependent relationships that are sexually based.  You may also be driven by subconscious drives for sexual fulfillment and could even develop compulsive sexual behaviors.  On the other hand, you may exhibit a sensitive and nurturing manner in your sexual relationships and activity. 

For women, motherhood may take on dimensions of profound importance.  Motherhood may also be a vehicle for experiencing your power and energy and may even be a vehicle allowing you to find your inner essence.  Whether female or male, you may be intimately involved with your family, often in complex ways, entailing both the playing out of power urges and/or subconscious drives.  Power and rank within the family may be important to you. 

The tensions associated with the Moon-Pluto conjunction may also manifest as a strong drive for power.  Your behavior is likely to be patterned to gather power to yourself and to react to others on the basis of power relationships.  Your subconscious will to power is likely to be strong. 

Crises are likely to erupt in any of these areas—sexuality, motherhood, family and power relationships.  These crises may be disruptions that set back or destroy the progress that you have made toward your goals or they may inhibit the enjoyment or the relief of tension that you experience through these activities. Such crises may even produce periods of emotional and psychological breakdown.  They may also lead to your reexamination of the area(s) of life that have been affected by the crisis prompting you to seek within for the truth.  Ideally, a Plutonian crisis will result in a positive change in your attitude and behavior.

Transcendent Potential

The transcendent potential of the Moon conjunct Pluto is realized when you have met the challenge of this aspect and delved uncompromisingly into your subconscious and inner self in your search for truth and your quest for purification.  You have been rewarded in your efforts with true Self-knowledge and, if your efforts have been blessed with special grace, with a merger of your consciousness with that Primal Energy that exists within each one of us. 

Your road to Self-knowledge is not likely to have been easy—having encountered emotional crisis and having had to confront your own subconscious negativities—but you have never flagged in your conviction to pursue this course.  You have been drawn to your inner core by the Power that emanates therefrom and your emotions and predispositions have all been in that inward-seeking direction.  You are now at one with the sea of consciousness from which proceeds all creativity and intuition.  You are powerful in your compassion and, having full control over your emotions and your behavior (having removed all conditioning from your mind), you exercise your power with kindness and sensitivity to nurture and care for all those whom you are given the opportunity to help.


The subconscious force symbolized by Pluto is strong, but the subconscious will of the ego to resist encroachment on its “integrity” is equally strong.  You fear your destruction, associating that threatened “self” with your personal status quo.  Any confrontation with the darker side of your personality or any attempt to transform your behavior patterns or emotional nature is a direct threat carrying the potential for the destruction of your ego.  You therefore cling desperately to the world that you know and the self that you know. 

The crises that your subconscious brings upon you are fought, endured, lashed out against and resisted, but you will not respond to these crises with transformative self-change.  You attempt to hide from any confrontation with your own self through immersion in sexuality or in the lust for power.  You may also wallow in emotionality as an escape from having to face the truth about yourself.  Yet, whether you recognize it or not, you are constantly living with yourself and you are, therefore, inwardly tormented by your impurities and faults.  The “great wrongs” that you have done and the “hatefulness” that resides inside you are magnified in your subconscious because they have not been brought to the surface.  This may result in psychotic behavior or in neurotic emotional complexes.

Your personality may exhibit overtones of Moon in Scorpio or Moon in the eighth house and Pluto in the fourth house.

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Moon sextile Pluto           You Have Opportunities for Transformation of Emotional/ Subconscious Function, Particularly through Crisis

The Moon-Pluto sextile suggests that you have opportunities for the subconscious and transformative to bring about fundamental changes in your emotional makeup and behavioral patterns.  The Pluto sextile may also symbolize opportunities for you to experience greater emotional intensity, as you gain emotional access to the deep psychic energy represented by Pluto.  The transformation of your emotional/behavioral complex will often be accompanied by or be activated by crisis.  However, the sextile indicates that you are likely to find such transformative crises to be helpful, providing welcome opportunities to clear away emotional baggage or to jettison outmoded traditions or conditioned behavior patterns that are tying you down and keeping you from reaching your full emotional potential.

If either the Moon or Pluto has a difficult aspect from another planet, the sextile suggests that you have opportunities to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect (though sometimes it will be a Plutonian crisis that will relieve the stress).  Insight, integrity or empowerment may help you to resolve the difficulty or someone who is powerful or who is transformational may come to your aid (when the difficult aspect is to the Moon).  Alternatively, it may be easy for you to relieve your emotional stress through sexuality or indulging in power.  Emotional or family support or your intuition may be available to you (when the difficult aspect is to Pluto)
Transcendent Potential

            The transcendent potential of the Moon sextile Pluto is actualized when you have made good use of the opportunity to do inner work at the emotional/subconscious levels and when you have transformed your root-nature, freeing yourself from the bondage of past conditioning and automatic emotional response.  You may have submitted to the more difficult process of emotional polarization, allowing the fires of inner crisis to separate the pure from the impure within your subconscious.  You may have been able to examine those traits and behavior patterns that have been inherited from the past and choose which to continue to value and which to discard.  Through inner confrontation and introspection, you have gained control over your emotions and instincts.  You now function emotionally at a high level of consciousness.


            You have resisted any transformation of your conditioned nature or emotional nature and has, thus, lost an opportunity for personal growth.  Even destructive emotional crises, which may occur, fail to bring about a reconsideration of your state.  On the other hand, you may find abundant opportunity to engage in emotional histrionics, use your emotions manipulatively or for bullying others or become emotionally entangled in sexuality or your drive for power.

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Moon square Pluto          Your Emotional/Subconscious Function is Challenged by Power and Transformation through Crisis

This is a difficult aspect, indicating that there is likely to be great tension and conflict within your subconscious.  Such conflict may also manifest externally to produce emotional conflicts and crises that can be resolved only through difficult transformation.  The Moon-Pluto square suggests that you are being forced to confront and resolve negative complexes that are embedded in your subconscious and which involve the emotions, as well as those behavior patterns to which you have been conditioned.  Usually, you will display much resistance to confronting your darker side and to making those changes that will break up and eliminate those patterns of negativity.  Consequently, very often the negativity that you harbor subconsciously manifests externally to confront and oppress you. 

You may, first of all, have experienced an oppressive childhood, marked by conflict with your parents or by conflict between your parents over issues of power and control.  It may be that you have been emotionally scarred due to the abuse of parental power that you have experienced.  There may also have been a traumatic death in the family that has had a deep emotional effect on you.  You often perpetuate patterns of conflict, abuse or domineeringness in your own role as a parent or adult household member, as the subconscious effects of your childhood experiences manifest themselves.  The Moon-Pluto square may also symbolize the presence of conflict within your extended family. 

Often, you may find yourself confronting authority, either challenging power or being victimized by those with power.  Your own conditioned patterns of behavior seem to naturally put you into situations in which conflicts with authority are inevitable.  You may also be emotionally prone to react to power and authority in ways that produce conflict.  Another difficulty that you may have with authority is losing emotional control in situations in which power is an issue.  If you feel powerless and oppressed yourself, you may easily explode in anger while trying to exercise power within your own family. 

Emotional crisis and conflict may also occur in your life due to the subconscious tensions that you experience.  These crises may be accompanied by a breakdown in your routine or normal behavior and/or by increased tension within the family.  The objects of conflict, whether external or internal, are simply the shadows of your own negativities that are trying to thrust themselves into your consciousness so that you may deal with them.  Paying attention to these problems is difficult and painful, but will result in a strengthening of your core and emotional center by exposing the truth and using that truth to transform your ordinary and emotional behavior. 

Even with a will to deal with your subconscious problems, you will likely experience struggle and, often, setbacks.  Your subconscious is divided against itself, part of it trying to retain the security of ignorance and protect you from the truth about your darker side and the other part pushing you to confront your dark side and purge your psyche of negativity.  You will have to persevere and overcome your reluctance to peer into your soul if you are to be healed emotionally and psychologically of the conflict and tension that is causing you unhappiness.

Meeting the Challenge and Transcendent Potential

The transcendent potential of the Moon square Pluto will be realized when you have experienced enough pain, crisis and conflict plaguing your life and you determinedly turn your focus to rectifying the source of this conflict. Whether you do this through a spiritual or psychological exploration of your emotional subconscious or whether you do this through behavior modification and the establishment of greater emotional control, the process involves a recognition that you have negative habits, conditionings and emotions that are having a determining effect on your life.  You must also recognize that these negativities must be purged and replaced by positive emotions and behaviors. 

Struggle is inevitable, especially against fear and inertia.  If you undertake this struggle, you will develop immense emotional strength.  You will become someone whom others can lean on for emotional support.  The pain and struggle that you have known will create a deep compassion for the plight of others.  Through your own struggles, you are transformed and you realize that you do not have to hold onto the hurts and the scars of the past.  Furthermore, you see before you the possibility of grasping the essential Truth and of living within that Truth.  You realize that your struggles and your battles with your own subconscious will eventually lead you to your own inner core where resides a Power, not of darkness, but of Light. This Light and Inner Power then become the reason for continuing with your struggle until you are enfolded in its radiance and its healing power.


You are ever aware of the immanence of your own destruction.  You struggle to maintain control lest the darkness break forth from within and without and engulf you in pain and annihilation.  You see everything and everyone as a potential threat, unless you can control that thing or person.  Your predominant emotional state is that of being in protection mode. 

You are likely to have been abused and to have suffered to the extent that you trust no one.  Your sole concern is to protect yourself—physically, emotionally and psychologically.  If that means “doing unto others before they do unto you”, then you will do whatever it takes to ensure your own security.  You cannot stand to lose control.  Your response to being helpless in a situation or to feeling as if control is slipping away is apt to be fear and/or rage. 

You may be compulsive concerning your routine and habits, particularly those of a domestic nature.  You often seek to keep your own family under the tightest control.  You harbor a deep pain within, and it is this pain that determines your emotions, responses and behavior.

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Moon trine Pluto              Your Emotional/Subconscious Function is in Harmony with Transformative Forces

The Pluto trine emphasizes the subconscious and transformative as it relates to those functions associated with the Moon—emotions, conditioned behavior, family and rootedness.  You have a proclivity for emotional intensity, as you naturally have an intuitive understanding, through your emotions, of the deep energy symbolized by Pluto.  You may also gain great insight through your attunement to the subconscious.  The effects of the Plutonian energy on your emotions are likely to be accompanied by transformation of your emotional/behavioral complex, often through crisis.  However, the trine indicates that you tend to cooperatively go through such transformative crises, rather than resist it.

Admittedly, not everyone is attuned to the transformative energies symbolized by Pluto.  The Moon-Pluto trine may simply indicate that you are comfortable with power and sexuality.  Emotional enjoyment of sexuality may be particularly gratifying for you.  Your emotional makeup and/or conditioning/family upbringing may also lend themselves to an easy acceptance of sexuality.  Power, too, may come easily to you through family connections or because of your emotional temperament (or you may easily accept power relationships as a normal part of life). 

If either the Moon or Pluto has a difficult aspect from another planet, the trine suggests a way for you to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect.  You can exercise insight, integrity or empowerment or turn to someone who is powerful or who is transformational to help you deal with the stress associated with a difficult aspect is to the Moon.  Emotional or family support or your intuition can usually help you deal with the stress associated with a difficult aspect (if it is to Pluto).
Transcendent Potential

            The transcendent potential of the Moon trine Pluto is realized when you are emotionally integrated at the deepest level.  Then, you have a profound link to the Unconscious.  Sometimes through trials that you have met with relative ease, you have rid your psyche of its more negative elements, so that this Unconscious Power is turned toward positive ends.  You are not afraid to seek deeper within yourself, particularly at the emotional level, and you welcome transformative experience.  In fact, you are attuned to your existential roots and the Source within you pulls you to find and merge with Eternal Truth.  With the transformative energies of your psyche in harmony with the subconscious, you easily sink back into and become enveloped by the positive forces emanating from your subconscious.  As the light of Truth is shown within you, this subconscious realm gradually becomes conscious (or rather super-conscious) to your awareness.


            Although this aspect indicates that you should respond well to crisis and the need to make transformative change, any resistance to transformation that you have because of your insecurities will tend to be felt by you emotionally.  Your insecurities are likely to be based upon the existential threat that your ego perceives from a confrontation with truth (since the ego, itself, is illusion).  Emotional reactions are, therefore, likely to be intense.  However, when this reaction takes the form of the emotional release of blocked or negative energy, this may be therapeutic. 

          Your emotional reaction to crisis may not be negative but, rather, diversionary.  You may become emotionally involved with your family when faced with a crisis in life.  Or, you may feel a strong emotional pull toward sexuality (thus stepping down the Plutonian energy) or react emotionally by wanting more power and control over the situation you are in.  Often, the diversion relieves the stress of the crisis you may be experiencing, but it does nothing to deal with the root problem that your subconscious is trying to bring to the surface.

    -- Gargatholil                                                                                                                                                                                  Back to Top

Moon quincunx Pluto     Your Emotional/Subconscious Function and the Function of Transformation through Crisis Exist in a Critical Relationship

The quincunx aspect symbolizes the necessity, and at times the urgency, of reconciling your emotional nature/conditioned behavior with your drive for power and transformation through crisis. Without conscious intervention on your part, these two components of your personality and psyche are likely to function separately.  You may indeed respond to Pluto’s vibration (although not everyone is attuned to the influence of this generational planet) on any of a variety of levels of its manifestation, but this generally will not affect your normal, everyday behavior or your governing emotional state.  You may have a life of subconscious exploration and striving for self-knowledge and transformation (or of sexual energy and drive for power) but all this can exist with little relevance to your personal, behavioral life. 

Most of the time this state of disconnect will cause few problems, except perhaps a lost potential and an unexpected dissonance in your personality that is sometimes jarring to others.  There may be times in your life, however, when it becomes critical and incumbent for you to bring to bear and resolve these disparate influences.  Unless you do this, you will be unable to address the crisis at hand. 

Such a crisis may be occasioned by a need to face some truth that you have been avoiding or by some subconscious complex that is pushing its way to the surface of your consciousness.  Or, the crisis may be the result of some emotional problem that has not been addressed, some habit or behavior that you need to discard, or through you having hurt the feelings of someone.  The crisis may also be brought on by some sexual circumstance with enmeshed emotional connotations or by the emotional consequences of your use or abuse of power. Sometimes the crisis may be brought on by your failure to acknowledge your dark side, your drive for power or your sexuality.  Or, you may be too absorbed in the mundane and too attached to the people and circumstances that provide you with emotional safety and security. 

The resolution of the quincunx generally will involve a purification or a transformation of one or both of the functions involved.  With Pluto being the dominant transformative planet in the aspect, the tendency will be for the Moon function to undergo the transformation or purification necessary to resolve the crisis.  This will generally involve identifying and discarding those negative conditioned behaviors or emotional patterns that stand in the way of your true self-knowledge, your enlightened use of power or your mature attitude toward sexuality.  To the extent that the Plutonian energy needs purification, it will often be through rising above your primal subconscious urges for sexual gratification and power.  The resolution of the crisis may also call for you to confront some unpleasant truth about yourself. 

There may be a moment of opportunity, demanding sensitivity, truthfulness and courage to grasp, during which you can resolve the crisis at hand.  Resolving the crisis at hand in a positive manner will usually result in your emotional sensitivity being enhanced, enabling you to relate more passionately on a personal, mundane, feeling level and to live your life with more empowerment and control.    If the crisis is not resolved, emotional confusion or impotence, continuing emotional negativity, emotional frigidity or callousness and/or personal humiliation may result, but hopefully you will have learned a lesson that can motivate future purification and transformation of the emotional/behavioral complex.

Transcendent Potential

The transcendent potential of the Moon quincunx Pluto will be realized when, emerging from the caldron of dilemma, you purify your power relationships and/or sexuality and, working through your subconscious, you transform your emotional complex and your behavior patterns and routines so that you are able to realize your highest potential.  You will, then, become someone who is able to bring to bear power and insight and to actualize these at the level of ordinary human interchange and personal feeling.  Your inner power has become integrated with your emotions so that you become empowered emotionally and you have taken control over your behavior and reactions so that they are no longer subconsciously and blindly motivated.

Your drive to experience Truth and to find the Primal Source of Light and Love is finally made conscious to you.  With this, you are empowered to explore your own subconscious.  As more and more of your subconscious becomes revealed to you, you grow in psychic and spiritual power until you have the power to lay your own ego aside and merge into the One.

            You are unwilling to give up your ego-centered power drives and your egoistic attitude toward sexuality.  Therefore, you are not willing to allow your emotions and behavior to undergo transformative change. Consequently, your attitudes and behavior regarding power and sexuality continue to entrap you in emotionally difficult situations.  Also, your self-absorption with power and blindness to the needs of others, along with your neglect of basic standards of behavior, often lead you into self-destructive situations in which you are confronted by authority and made aware of your short-comings.  Emotionally, you never rise above the level of reacting to events and circumstances and you continue to be controlled by your subconscious impulses.  You lose the chance to raise the level of your awareness, transform your behavior and be in touch with the reality of your emotional life.

    -- Gargatholil                                                                                                                                                                                      Back to Top

Moon opposed Pluto                Your Emotional/Subconscious Function and the Function of Transformation through Crisis are at Polar Extremes

This tends to be a rather difficult aspect.  The opposition of the Moon and Pluto symbolizes polarization and conflict deep within the subconscious resulting in emotional and psychological tensions.  Your subconscious is at war with itself, as it were.  On the one hand, your subconscious is working to form and maintain your emotional and behavioral conditioning in order to create an environment of stability, predictability and security.  On the other hand, there are powerful subconscious forces at work to destroy the underpinnings of this stability and force you to transform your conditioned self and rise to a higher level of awareness by facing the truth about your condition. 

The deeper subconscious forces symbolized by Pluto will seek to find expression in ways that run counter your emotional comfort.  These subconscious forces are also likely to manifest in an area of life that conflict with those activities you undertake to express yourself emotionally and/or domestically.  You may feel that you are constantly confronting power relationships and control issues, emotionally and/or in family matters.  Issues involving sexuality may also be a source of tension or conflict for you.  Such external conflicts are only manifestations of your own internal, and often subconscious, conflicts involving these issues.

                    Sometimes the conflict that is symbolized by the Moon-Pluto opposition manifests as confrontation with an authority figure.  If this is the case, you are likely to feel emotionally oppressed by this person or institution.  This, in turn, may lead you to experience deep insecurities and feelings of emotional inferiority.  Such feelings increase the likelihood that you become involved in a dependent relationship with a more powerful partner (or a co-dependent relationship with a powerless partner).  Only by confronting the reality of your state and facing your subconscious fears and complexes will you become emotionally empowered. 

The emotional and subconscious tensions and stresses that are symbolized by the Moon opposed Pluto are likely to cause problems in your family life, create emotional complexes and result in dysfunctional behavior.  You may display compulsive behaviors or you may erupt in anger or in inappropriate outbursts of emotion.  Or, you may be the victim of such outbursts.  These symptoms cry out for transformation, emotionally and behaviorally.  The route to such transformation is often through the subconscious. 

In order to provoke you into transformation, crisis may occur, often linked with polarizing circumstances.  Such a crisis can be associated with emotional breakdown or with some family crisis (e.g., a death or sexual misconduct).  In order to transform, you must often face some unpleasant truth or delve into painful subconscious memories.  Since this process of resolution is difficult and painful, you may attempt to avoid those issues that you must confront.  Such avoidance generally takes one of three forms: displaced confrontation, suppression or denial, or projection. 

In order to resolve the opposition, you must generally bring your emotions and your deep subconscious into balance.  You must become more aware of your subconscious and particularly of your needs for power and sexual expression.  Becoming more in tune with your subconscious, you will recognize those behaviors and attitudes that have been conditioned in you and you will begin to take control of your actions.  Your insight and intuition will also deepen and you will gain the confidence to act upon your feelings.  You will also examine those areas of your life where there is dependency and realize that, while a certain amount of dependency is normal and healthy, this needs to be balanced with personal empowerment. 

On the other hand, you need to balance any tendency toward the pursuit of power, sexual excess or obsession by recognizing and submitting to the boundaries of normative behavior.  You may need to consider the personal aspect of life to a greater extent, so that you become more considerate and more nurturing in your power and/or sexual relationships.  The Moon opposed Pluto also signifies that you have an opportunity to achieve a more balanced attitude toward mortality, recognizing that death is an integral part of the cycle of life and that traditions, customs and rites of passage may be used to integrate your emotions concerning death in order to manage this crisis.

Transcendent Potential

The transcendent potential of the Moon opposed Pluto will be realized when, through balancing the two poles of the subconscious, you bring your deep unconscious into greater awareness.  You must transform your attitudes and behavior so that you are able to exercise true control instead of being subject to subconsciously dominated reaction.  These transformations have generally occurred through a process of polarization during which you have had to confront and reconcile your will to power and your personal emotions, attitudes and behavior patterns.  In confronting and challenging your emotions and conditioned behavior, you have delved deeply into your subconscious to discover the motivations that lie behind your attitudes and conditioning. 

The exploration of your emotional being has become a quest for truth and self-knowledge for you.  It is probable that you have been forced to confront the darker side of your psyche.  As your subconscious complexes and attitudes are brought to light, often within the context of an emotional and personal crisis, you have been able to purge yourself of their negative influences.  You have discovered the Light within and you have devoted yourself to serving that Light. You have discovered that the light and dark, good and evil, both are absorbed by and unified by that Light, the Source of all Being.  You are humbled and you, therefore, gain great emotional strength, since it is no longer "I" who functions in the world, but one with a cloak of personhood and personality.


Your personal ego is threatened by the power that both confronts it and attracts it constantly.  You wish to possess that power; you wish to control others, but you are not willing to give up your personal identity or the security of your conditioned world in order to obtain this power.  You are even less willing to undergo the fire of crisis that is necessary to purge yourself of the negativity that rests within your subconscious and permeates your emotions and behavior. 

You therefore set up inner defense mechanisms against the powerful and transformative force symbolized by Pluto.  If the defense adopted is that of displaced confrontation, you will allow your emotional energy to be spent in opposing some symbol of the inner tension that you feel-- often an authority figure.  You are likely to become so emotionally involved in the conflict that emotional and even physical disease (e.g. ulcers or cancer of the stomach) can result.  Conflicts with parental figures or family matriarchs can take on the aspect of a feud.  Your anger in these situations is often explosive and other destructive emotions may be aroused within you, as well.

When suppressing the problem, you will generally gravitate to one side of the opposition or the other.  Thus, you may absorb yourself in the pursuit of power or sexual fulfillment to the exclusion of your emotional needs; or you may deny your power and/or sexual needs while immersing yourself in your emotions or in nurturing others.  In the first case, you may appear ruthless and controlling, without regard to the feelings of others.  Or, you may fear commitment and go from one sexual relationship (conquest) to another, never involving yourself emotionally and never feeling any emotions of nurturing or caring for your partner.  In the second case, you may totally sacrifice yourself to your family (or parents, usually your mother), denying your own need for power and autonomy.  You may become involved in a relationship where you do all of the giving and where you provide all of the emotional support, receiving nothing in return.  Sometimes, this relationship is abusive or codependent. 

If projection is used as a subconscious defense mechanism, you will project the qualities associated with either Moon or Pluto onto your partner or some other significant object.  If the Lunar energy is projected, you are likely to be absorbed with power and control but leave the emotional needs of the relationship to be taken care of by your partner.  You will abandon any responsibility for nurturing and emotional care giving, but you are attracted to someone who embodies the qualities of domesticity, emotionality and nurturing.  You can be an emotional drain on your partner and you may constantly expect your partner to provide you with care and nurturing.  Whenever you exhibit emotional behavior, particularly of a negative variety, you tend to blame your partner, somehow transferring the responsibility for your own emotional reaction and/or compulsive behavior to him/her.

If you project your Plutonian energy, you are likely to be attracted to someone who personifies power and/or sexuality, while you maintain a dependent and submissive attitude.  You will generally look to your partner for protection, while you take on the role of emotional caregiver.  This relationship could be abusive or co-dependent.  You believe that any negative sexual or power-related behavior that you engage in is because you have been compelled to do so by your partner.  Thus, you avoid dealing with the negative aspects of your will to power and sexuality, or of your emotions and behavior, by making your partner carry the burden of your shadow.
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