Depth Astrology: A Handbook
by Gargatholil

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The Moon aspecting the Midheaven brings the emotional/subconscious function (symbolized by the Moon) in contact with the ego/super-ego complex (symbolized by the Midheaven).  A positive Moon-Midheaven aspect suggests that your behavioral nature and your emotions are in harmony with and supports the goals of the super-ego (i.e., success).  A positive Moon contact also indicates that your family is likely to assist you in achieving your super-ego goals.  Likewise, a negative Moon-Midheaven contact can indicate that you are not suited by nature or emotional temperament to achieve super-ego defined success in life and/or that your family or family background may stand in your way of achieving these goals.

The dynamic between the Moon and Midheaven functions can be complex.  The Moon is associated with the Nadir, the Midheaven’s oppositional point.  The Moon also symbolizes the maternal feminine psychological archetype, the Cosmic Mother.  The Cosmic Mother represents that Source from whom all things are born and out of whom all Becoming takes place.  From this archetype springs the Moon’s association with mothering, family, security, rootedness and the past.  Thus, there is frequently an underlying conflict indicated in the Moon-Midheaven contact between the maternal/domestic side of life and the paternal/career side of life.  However, because the Moon represents tradition, security and continuity, a Moon-Midheaven contact can indicate support for a traditional super-ego paradigm, or at least frame the dynamic between tradition/family and the super-ego.


       CONJUNCT        SEXTILE          SQUARE


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Moon conjunct Midheaven      Your Emotional/Subconscious Function is Closely Identified with Your Ego/Super-ego Complex

          The conjunction of the Moon and the Midheaven suggests that you are emotionally attached to the goals and prescriptions that are derived from your super-ego.  Your ego is likely to gain much emotional satisfaction through you conforming to the dictates of the super-ego and, especially, when you achieve some goal that your super-ego values.  The conjunction also suggests that you have a strong subconscious drive to fulfill the desires of your super-ego, which should mean that you have a strong drive to be successful.  It is often the case that this drive will have been imparted—and may still be maintained—by your family, especially your mother. 

Another manifestation of the Moon-Midheaven conjunction may be that your super-ego conceptualizes success and structures its goals around values that are associated with family, routine and domesticity.  This is a very natural tendency, as the super-ego’s affinity for stabilizing structures and institutions generally means that the super-ego’s goals are quite compatible with a life governed by domesticity and devotion to routine.  The conditioned behavior that is associated with the Moon is a primary tool for the super-ego to exercise its will upon the ego.  The Moon’s conjunction suggests that you can be quite comfortable in conforming to the will of the super-ego.  Psychologically, this provides you with an opportunity to lead an “ordinary” life and feel successful without needing to do “great deeds” or gain public acclaim.  Your frame of reference for success and accomplishment has been defined at the personal level.

The Midheaven, as the initial degree of the tenth house, is often associated with career choice.  Thus, the Moon’s conjunction can point to a home-based career.  Careers that involve nurturing and care giving are also indicated.  The conjunction can also signify your emotional investment in your career. 

The Moon’s association with the Nadir and the fourth house suggests that there are often underlying tensions present within your psyche.  Often, these tensions involve conflict between the your home life and your career.  You may also experience some tension between the public role that your super-ego pushes you toward and your desire for personal, secure space.  While these inner tensions may be present, most people with the Moon conjunct the Midheaven will be able to resolve them.  However, this may be more difficult if the Moon is opposed by another planet that is conjunct the Nadir.

Transcendent Potential

          The transcendent potential of the Moon conjunct the Midheaven will be realized when you have redefined the meaning of success and have focused your goals at a higher level of consciousness than the one at which the super-ego normally operates.  This process of redefinition has occurred through the explorations that you have made into your own subconscious.  Sometimes it is the subconscious itself that pulls you into itself through one device or another.  Sometimes, your insight into the subconscious may have been gained intuitively.  The deeper you have consciously delved into the subconscious realm, the more light has appeared and the firmer grasp you have gained on Reality. 

You have freed yourself from the conditioned behavior and conformity that had held you back and you no longer blindly follow the dictates of the super-ego.  Now, it is the Higher Law that you have found present in your sub/super-consciousness that governs your super-ego.  To outward appearance, your behavior may not be different, since in your spiritual maturity you do not flaunt the prescriptions and proscriptions that the super-ego imposes on life in society.  Yet, your behavior is no longer determined by the super-ego’s rules and restrictions.  Rather, it is determined only by the Law of Love.


          You are emotionally insecure about your ability to satisfy the super-ego and this results in a variety of negative possible outcomes.  If you experience any failure or you fall short of a goal, your are likely to have a negative emotional reaction.  You may bemoan your in incompetence, engage in self-pity, feel shame, try to hide and protect your ego or lash out reactively in anger.  If your insecurity causes you to feel inferior and unworthy, you may reject any success that you do achieve, seeing only how far you have failed to achieve your goal.  Your subconscious drive for success and to fulfill the dictates of the super-ego may be such that it will never allow you to rest.  If you are too insecure to admit success, you will always be driven and never satisfied.

          Alternatively, your basic insecurity may be such that you lack the emotional will and drive to succeed.  You may emotionally program yourself for failure or your conditioned behaviors may be such that they always lead you to fail.  Sometimes, your emotional dysfunction itself can be the cause of your lack of success.  All this merely places your psyche under the grip of the super-ego.  You remain perpetually attached to pleasing the super-ego and trying to assuage your ego’s insecurity by gaining the approval of the super-ego. 

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Moon sextile Midheaven         You Have Opportunities for Your Emotional/Subconscious Function to Assist Your Ego/Super-ego Complex

          The Moon sextile the Midheaven suggests that those functions and constructs that are associated with the Moon can aid you in achieving the goals that are prescribed by your super-ego.  You may find that your family, background and/or upbringing have given you certain advantages or opportunities to achieve your career goals or other measures of success in life.  You may also be able to employ your emotions to your advantage in accomplishing your goals.  Often, you can take advantage of an innate, subconscious drive that you have to please your super-ego.  Your ego, experiencing the satisfaction of success, is generally inclined toward those things that are symbolized by the Moon.

          The potential tension implied in the natural opposition between the Midheaven and the Moon-ruled fourth house is generally defused with the sextile.  Nevertheless, the sextile suggests that any natural affinity or attachment that you may have to accommodating your super-ego does not automatically come into play.  You generally have to work at taking advantage of the opportunities indicated by the sextile.

If either the Moon or the Midheaven has a difficult aspect from another planet, the sextile suggests that you have opportunities to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect.  Your ability to focus on your goals/successes or the structure that you derive from the super-ego may come to your aid (when the difficult aspect is to the Moon).  You may find comfort emotionally or through your family when you face disappointment or failure (when the difficult aspect is to the Midheaven).

Transcendent Potential

          The transcendent potential of the Moon sextile the Midheaven is realized when you have listened to your intuitive voice within and redefined the meaning of success in life.  You may be faced with opportunities in life to explore your subconscious or to explore the basic, feminine, emotional side of your psyche.  The impetus for your redefinition of success could even come through a nurturing experience or through your involvement with family or domestic matters.  Whatever the impetus, you have taken advantage of it to come into closer touch with your subconscious self.  As the unknown regions of your psyche become conscious, you see more of Reality and you rise above the concerns of your ego and super-ego.  You now have the opportunity to control your behavior guided by your intuition and the Law of Love, rather than reacting to the demands of your super-ego in conformist and conditioned ways.


          If your ego is insecure, it will be too attached to the rewards conferred by the super-ego to think of delving into the subconscious or exploring a world beyond the super-ego’s concerns.  Thus, you will miss a great opportunity.  Instead, you will be satisfied with the success that life may bring to you through your family connections, inner drive or simply through conforming to the routine dictated by the super-ego.  You are likely, however, to take credit yourself for your successes, so that gratitude is something that is foreign to you.

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Moon square Midheaven         Your Emotional/Subconscious Function is Challenged by Your Ego/

                                                    Super-ego Complex

          The tensions suggested by the natural opposition between the Midheaven and the Moon-ruled fourth house (Nadir) is acerbated by the square between the Moon and the Midheaven.  Generally, the Moon will be squaring the Midheaven from a conjunction either with the Ascendant or the Descendant.  If the square is from the Ascendant, then the tension symbolized by the square is likely to originate in the conflict between your attachment to Moon-associated elements as an important part of your persona and the dictates of the super-ego and your need for success and its approval.  You may have conditioned behaviors that you cannot let go.  The emotions expressed through your personality may be what are holding you back from success.  It may also be the case that it is the way in which people perceive you that is preventing you from achieving the goals outlined before you by your super-ego.  You may be seen as someone who is too family-oriented or too domestic to engage successfully in a career, for instance.

          If the Moon’s square proceeds from its conjunction with the Descendant, then it is likely to be your relations with others that prevent you from achieving the goals of the super-ego.  Family members—and your mother, in particular—may be the cause of your lack of success.   Regardless of the role that anyone may play in obstructing your achievements or success, it is likely to be your own attachment to others that blocks you.  This is especially true the more emotional your attachment is.  Also, conditioned behaviors that you display in your relationships may be detrimental to your achieving success as defined by the super-ego.

          Another manifestation of the conflict symbolized by the Moon’s square with the Midheaven involves the issue of conditioning.  The super-ego naturally uses behavioral conditioning, routine and conformity to direct the ego toward achieving its goals.  The Moon symbolizes this basic, subconscious conditioning mechanism.  The square between the Moon and the Midheaven suggests that this conditioning mechanism is not working well.  You may resent or rebel against the restrictions of the super-ego either through your personality or your relationships.  Or, the conditioning that you have received through your family or cultural traditions may not be appropriate for achieving success and status in society. 

          Those functions and structures that are symbolized by the Moon may also be challenged by your ego/super-ego complex.  To the extent that you fulfill the dictates of the super-ego and strive for the ego-rewards associated with success and accomplishment, you may neglect your family, your emotional health or your connection with your past or heritage.  This neglect or even antagonism then negatively affects your personality or your relationships, as the case may be.  If, on the other hand, you turn your attention toward family, your emotional health, etc., you may feel guilt at not fulfilling your duties toward the super-ego.

Meeting the Challenge and Transcendent Potential

          The challenge symbolized by the Moon square the Midheaven can be met and its transcendent potential achieved only when you have risen above both your emotional attachments and your desire to please the super-ego and receive its rewards.  This requires you to redefine your concept of success and to also redefine your concept of self and personality, if the Moon is conjunct the Ascendant, or your view of relationship, if the Moon is conjunct the Descendant.  These redefinitions are mutually dependent and occur only after you have gained intuitive access to the Truth that lies within your subconscious mind.  You must rise above any attachment to worldly success and recognition and, instead, commit yourself to obey the Higher Law of Love and make spiritual fulfillment the goal of your life and the measure of your success.  To do this, you must recognize that you are not this ego-self and, thus, drop your attachment to your persona or drop your dependency on relationship(s) with others.  Then you will be free of the dual conditioning from the subconscious and from the super-ego that oppresses the mass of humanity.


          You experience much pain due to your internal conflicts and their external results because you are too insecure to either drop your emotional attachment to your persona/relationship(s) or to disregard the commands of the super-ego and stop pursuing its definition of success in life.  Your attachments and the conditioned behavior that is associated with them prevent you from enjoying the success that you pursue, or would pursue if you could let go of your attachment to your persona/relationship(s).  If you work for the super-ego, then you feel guilt at abandoning your loved one(s) or you feel that you are not true to yourself and have sacrificed your emotional depth.  Your frustrated emotions may often display themselves in an unhealthy and almost compulsive drive for success.  On the other hand, if you fail to achieve the goals of the super-ego, you may destructively project your emotional frustration or blame others for your failure.  This behavior only perpetuates the pattern of failure and guilt that grips you.

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Moon trine Midheaven   Your Emotional/Subconscious Function is in Harmony with your Ego/Super-ego Complex

          This is generally perceived as a favorable aspect that, if it does not signify success, at least suggests that you are content with your lot in life.  Your basic temperament, your emotional make-up, your conditioned behaviors and routines, and your family background and connections all are likely to support and be conducive to your following the dictates of the super-ego and earning its rewards.  You tend to be comfortable not only with the goals imposed by the super-ego, but also with what it takes from you to achieve those goals.  Even if you do not achieve much success by others’ standards, you yourself are likely to see yourself as successful in life.  If nothing else, then merely conforming to what is expected of you can provide you with sufficient satisfaction.  The Moon’s trine to the Midheaven also suggests that a domestic life may be compatible in your experience with the role that the super-ego has designated for you.

If either the Moon or the Midheaven has a difficult aspect from another planet, the trine suggests a way for you to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect.  Your ability to focus on your goals/successes or the structure that you derive from the super-ego may help you deal with the stress associated with a difficult aspect is to the Moon.  Emotional or family support or your intuition can usually help you deal with the stress of disappointment or failure associated with a difficult aspect to the Midheaven.

Transcendent Potential

          The transcendent potential of the Moon trine the Midheaven is realized when your goal in life has been brought into harmony with the intuitive Truth that you have discovered within your subconscious mind.  By entering into your subconscious or by delving into the feminine side of your psyche and seeking your Source within, you have been able to see clearly that there is a higher success than the rewards that are offered by the super-ego.  Perceiving this higher goal, you become attached to it and devote yourself to its realization.  Thus, you become detached from those conditionings that are designed to make you a slave of the super-ego.  At the same time, however, you abide by all of the rules that the super-ego has devised to govern society but you do this out of compassion and caring for others and not as a conditioned response.


          Your insecurity is such that inwardly you do not feel that you deserve great success.  Neither do you strive to rise above the dictates of the super-ego and find other modes of a successful life, for your ego does not want its *“comfortable numbness”* to be disturbed.  You are content to play your role in an ordinary and mediocre life, attached to your relationship(s) or to your own persona, as the case may be.  Rarely do failures or disappointments occur for you, for you do not have such high expectations, and, if they do, you are likely to let them roll off you.  This quality would be admirable if it were born out of conscious awareness rather than sloth and insecurity.

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Moon opposed Midheaven     Emotional/Subconscious Orientation toward Rootedness

Moon conjunct Nadir

          The tension normally associated with the opposition is much lessened with the Moon’s opposition to the Midheaven because, conjunct the Nadir, the Moon occupies its natural position of rulership over the fourth house.  Thus, you may feel that circumstances regarding your home and domestic life, on the one hand, and career or other goals, on the other hand, are perfectly balanced and in order.  You may even feel no tension or strain at all associated with this aspect. 

          If your super-ego-defined role is not in the home or with family, you are likely to feel emotionally grounded and content with respect to the role/career that you are undertaking.  You are likely to have the support of your family and a conducive domestic situation, although you may still feel some tension between your career/aspirations and your home life.  The opposition may also manifest in your having a clear sense of separation between home and career, with your emotional attachment and comfort being with your domestic life.  However, your emotional attachment to home and family, or simply your deep subconscious drive, may push you to achieve the success that your super-ego holds out to you as the goal of life. 

Transcendent Potential

          The transcendent potential of the Moon opposed the Midheaven is realized when you use the insight that you have intuitively gained from your exploration of the subconscious to redefine the meaning of success in your life and rise above the paradigm that has been presented by the super-ego.  This redefinition of your goal in life towards higher consciousness then motivates you to continue and strengthen your efforts to delve within yourself and seek the Truth that is awaiting you there.  The more that you become conscious of the reality of the Unconscious, the more compassionate and caring you become.  You are not driven by your super-ego, but you keep within the bounds of social propriety, nevertheless.  In this, you are motivated not by fear of punishment or hope of reward, but by the Law of Love.


          If you are insecure about your public standing or if your ego needs recognition in order to validate itself, you may be vulnerable to the tensions suggested by the Moon-Midheaven opposition.  This may particularly be the case if another planet squares the opposition or if there is a conjunction to the Midheaven.  You may deal with the inner conflict that you feel between the responsibilities of home and family, on the one hand, and career/status, on the other hand by erecting a psychological defense mechanism.  This is likely to be either suppression or projection.

          If suppression is used as a defense mechanism the functions of the Midheaven are most likely to be suppressed, unless the Midheaven conjuncts another planet.  Cultural factors suggest that women are more likely to suppress the Midheaven functions than are men.  If the Midheaven functions are suppressed, you will focus on your home and/or family as a substitute for a career or other forms of accomplishment.  This is likely to lead to frustration and a feeling, conscious or subconscious, that your life is not fulfilled.  You are also likely to live excessively through your emotions, but to always feel that there is something lacking.

          If the Moon functions are suppressed, then you will focus inordinately on your career or on other goals that may bring recognition and a sense of accomplishment for you.  Often, you do this while sacrificing family life.  You also tend to be emotionally cold, detached and/or underdeveloped.  Your emotions have only been suppressed, however, and they generally show up either as deep subconscious drives and attachment to career and success or as inappropriate emotional outbursts that may negatively affect your career and/or your chances for success.

          The projection defense mechanism is an extension of suppression.  You will project the suppressed function onto another person or institution, often your life partner.  Thus, if the Moon functions are suppressed, you may be attracted to someone who is very emotional, caring and nurturing and who will carry your domestic and family responsibilities for you.  If your Midheaven functions are suppressed, however, you will be attracted to someone who is successful and possesses a lot of drive for achievement.  Often, however, you become dissatisfied with the other person’s behavior or accomplishments, because he/she can never fulfill the repressed desires that you carry within you.  If you have suppressed negative issues dealing with ambition or with your emotions/family/conditioning, you are likely to see these traits in your partner, even if they are not there for others.  The blame and recrimination that you display may then become a source of conflict in your life.

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