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          Mars aspecting Jupiter brings the desire/action function (symbolized by Mars) in contact with the function that incorporates expansion and growth, beneficence, grace and understanding (symbolized by Jupiter).  Both Mars and Jupiter are associated with positive, outgoing and active energies.  Thus, contacts between the two planets tend to be favorable, particularly since Jupiter is traditionally recognized as a “benefic” planet. 

The energies and functions symbolized by the planets tend to support and enhance each other.  The expansive energy associated with Jupiter energizes the desire/action function and points it in a positive, outwardly focused direction.  This dynamic is very harmonious with the natural energy and tendencies associated with Mars.  The assimilative function symbolized by Jupiter (which is associated with growth and understanding) has the ability to inform action and desire in positive ways, guiding them to more integrative and conscious levels of manifestation.

          The desire/action function and the active energy symbolized by Mars can assist in the actualization of your psyche’s expansive energy.  Through the Mars functions, this expansive energy is manifested in particular and concrete expression.  Desire and action are utilized by the psyche in order to achieve the expansive goals associated with Jupiter.  Your psyche may also work through desire and action to gain greater understanding or to foster personal growth.

          Unless an aspect between the two planets indicates a goal or direction-oriented conflict, the most likely opportunity for the Mars-Jupiter contact to manifest negatively (other than the two planets manifesting their symbolic content at lower levels of consciousness) is that the planetary energies over-stimulate each other.  The already energized and active Mars function is vulnerable to over-optimism and excess under the “influence” of Jupiter.  The already expansive energy of Jupiter can manifest too forcefully or be pushed beyond appropriate limits when combined with the Martian energy. 

          On the positive side, the Mars-Jupiter combination is most likely to reach its transcendent potential when understanding and integrative wholeness occur at higher levels of consciousness and inform your actions.  Turning desire toward achieving higher consciousness and understanding, especially under the guidance of a spiritual teacher, develops devotion, which then empowers and motivates your quest for expansive consciousness.

          On the other hand, when the ego is insecure and self-focused, you are vulnerable to feeling that too much is being expected of you with regard to taking action and/or realizing your desires.  Your ego feels that your actions “should” be expansive and grand and that you should be able to fulfill a set of desires that are, in reality, excessive.  Any failure to actualize these expectations results in feelings of negative self-worth.  Your basic insecurity also breeds fear of failing to attain the overly optimistic goals that you have set for yourself.  The ego’s defensive response may range from wallowing in its insecurity (i.e., manifesting the negative opposite of the self-confident, active energy expected in a Jupiter-Mars contact), to pushing yourself to excess or to harboring delusions about your “greatness” and abilities to perform super-human feats.  Greater understanding and cultivating right-action are the natural antidotes to these insecurities.

          Mars also symbolizes the animus (the masculine psychological archetype).  For all but the difficult Mars-Jupiter aspects, the implication is your animus is healthy and plays a beneficent role in your psyche.  Where there are issues, these tend to be about excess, exaggeration and unrealistic expectations.


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Mars conjunct Jupiter      Your Desires and Actions are Closely Identified with Growth,
              Understanding and Grace

          The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter suggests that expansive tendencies infuse your desires and actions.  You also have a tendency for growth and understanding to inform your desires and consequent actions.  To the extent that the growth and understanding that you experience are positive, your actions will tend to be motivated by optimism. 

Jupiter's conjunction suggests an expansion of the natural energy symbolized by Mars.  Especially if the sign and placement of Mars inclines toward the postive-active, the Jupiter conjunction suggests an increase of that tendency.  You are, therefore, likely to have an abundance of energy that you are able to channel into direct action. 

It is also likely that your desires are extensive.  Driven by your desires, you may be constantly looking for new activities in which to engage.  Thus, you actively push forward the horizons of your experience. 

Your libido may also be very active.  The high energy level that you generally experience may manifest itself through participation in sports or in any other activity that demands high levels of physical energy.  Your optimistic approach toward activity is likely to make you a risk taker.  Your optimism and your expansive desires also often lead you to want to take action on the "big stage" of life.  You may want to do things "in a big way."   You are apt to be partial to the "grand gesture." 

If the Jupiter energy manifests itself in your psyche in the form of personal growth and understanding, its conjunction with Mars suggests that you desire to broaden your horizons and seek greater understanding of the world around you.  Thus, your wider and more complete understanding of the world, how it operates and the probable consequences of your actions will inform your desires and actions.  The effect that this has on your actions may appear to be caution, but it is not born of a cautious nature.  While your greater understanding may guard you against a natural tendency toward recklessness, your actions are really guided by wisdom.

Another manifestation of Jupiter conjunct Mars is you are likely to possess a graciousness and generosity in your actions and intentions.  A generous heart, supported by the will to manifest that generosity through action, is consistent with the expansiveness that permeates your activities and with your desire to make a significant statement through your actions.  Taking beneficial action also bespeaks an optimistic attitude toward life.  You may even find yourself benefiting from your own action, or being the recipient of good acts by others. 

You tend to act within the social and organizational framework that has been established by those institutions that regulate society's activity.  Your desires and actions are generally well-assimilated and acculturated. You may show signs of being a good manager and you should to function well within organizations.  You probably desire to become a major player in whatever organization you are a part of by investing yourself in that system. 

Mars also symbolizes the animus (the masculine psychological archetype).  If you are a man, the Jupiter conjunction suggests that you have a robust masculinity and an abundance of sexual energy.  You may need to prominently display your masculinity.  On the other hand, you may have a profound understanding of your masculinity and male sexuality.  If you are female, the conjunction suggests that you may be attracted to a man who exhibits the characteristics described above, or who exhibits typical Jupiterian/Sagittarian characteristics.  It may also symbolize you having an abundance of masculine energy.  Whether male or female, the Jupiter conjunction can symbolize personal growth though understanding the masculine energy within yourself.

Transcendent Potential:

You can realize the transcendent potential of Mars conjunct Jupiter when you truly broadens your horizons and understanding and you follow a discipline that takes you beyond the ordinary realms of limited human existence.  You have bent all your desire toward understanding the cosmos--which ultimately is self-understanding--and toward expanding your consciousness to truly understand Reality.  This desire turns to devotion when you are shown the proper course to travel and the secret of right-action.  If you are fortunate, you will find a spiritual guide who will show you the right course of action.  In following the Beneficent and Rightly-Guided one, you yourself become beneficent and rightly-guided in your actions.  Your actions are all imbued with the grace that comes of understanding.  Being devoted to seeking the Supreme Soul everywhere you turn, your actions toward others are naturally full of kindness and good intention.


If you are inwardly insecure, and particularly if the Mars-Jupiter conjunction has a stressful aspect or placement in your chart, you may feel the need to act on a large scale, but feel that you are inadequate to this task.  Your feeling of being inadequate is likely to be compounded by you having more desires than you can actualize.  In response to your insecurity, you may give in to your feelings of being inadequate or, alternatively, you may engage in compensating behavior. 

If the former is the case, you may feel that activities that you are called upon to perform are too much for you.  As a consequence, you either do not undertake much, out of fear, self-pity and/or a feeling of being overwhelmed; or you do too much because you cannot say “no” with the result that you are chronically tired, frustrated, overwhelmed and complaining.  Rather than exhibiting optimism, your actions exhibit pessimism, or they swing between optimism and pessimism. 

If you overcompensate to mask your insecurities, then excess is the likely manifestation. You may have unrealistic desires and be overly confident about your ability to actualize those desires.  You may try to act as if you can do anything and accomplish any task.  In your desire to prove yourself through your actions, you may take inordinate risks.  You may also exhibit generosity to a fault. You are likely to want to do everything for everyone.  You want to impress the world with your abilities and energy.  If you meet with obstacles--particularly from other people--you may try to bully your way through them.  Whether you succeed or fail or actually accomplish anything, having a big plan and at least appearing to do a lot at least provides you with a sense of self-worth.

Your personality may also express undertones of Mars in Sagittarius and Mars in the ninth house; or of Jupiter in Aries and Jupiter in the first house.

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Mars sextile Jupiter         You Have Opportunities for Your Desire/Action Function and
             Expansion/Beneficence/Understanding Function to
             Mutually Interact

This is generally seen as a favorable aspect.  The Mars-Jupiter sextile suggests that the interactions between desire/action and expansion/understanding in your psyche are generally positive and reinforcing.  You are able to broaden the spheres of desire and action in your life and you are less likely to perceive or be confronted with limitations to your activities.  This creates a sense of optimism that allows you to expand the array of your desires and the activity required to fulfill those desires.

You are likely to find yourself with a full schedule of daily events.  The ease with which you act and accomplish things also makes your activities more enjoyable, so that you are likely to display a joie de vivre.  You naturally see opportunities in life for expansiveness and this tends to direct most of your activity and desires outward.  You generally find many opportunities to be busy in the world.

However, the Mars-Jupiter sextile also signifies that you may have opportunities to pursue growth-oriented activities. You are likely to have a desire for understanding and a constant prompting toward personal growth and expanding your horizons.  You are, therefore, likely to act in pursuit of your goals of personal growth and understanding. 

Mars also symbolizes the animus (the masculine psychological archetype).  The sextile suggests that you have opportunities to understand and/or expand your animus.  If only the expansive energies symbolized by Jupiter are employed, you may have opportunities to enhance your machismo (if you are male) or to strengthen your assertiveness (if you are female).  Pursuing opportunities for understanding will enable you to become more fully masculine (or to better incorporate the masculine energy of your psyche, if you are female).  The sextile may also symbolize that you are able to benefit from the good offices of men in your life.

If either Mars or Jupiter has a difficult aspect from another planet, the sextile suggests that there are opportunities for you to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect.  You may have opportunities to relieve stress caused by some problem of action or unfulfilled desires (when the difficult aspect is to Mars).  Often, trying to gain a better understanding and broader perspective will ease the situation.  Sometimes the answer is to be found in taking an optimistic attitude and going forth to address the matter.  Taking action is often the solution when the difficult aspect is to Jupiter.  It may be particularly important for the action you take to be definite and focused.  Clarifying your desires may help dissipate feelings of being overwhelmed.

Transcendent Potential

You can realize the transcendent potential of Mars sextile Jupiter when you take advantage of a broad-minded understanding to govern your actions properly.  You need to cultivate the oriental concept of "right action” and you will generally find that this is not a difficult thing to do.  You also should take care to cultivate the Jupiterian traits of benevolence, generosity and broad-mindedness in your daily actions.  You have many opportunities to direct your energies in pursuit of further understanding and personal growth.  This may include, if you are fortunate, meeting and becoming devoted to one who can lead you in the paths of greater Understanding. 


If you are inwardly insecure, then it is likely that all your actions are ego-based and directed at self-satisfaction.  You fail to appreciate that only virtue and Grace are worth pursuing.   Therefore, you misapply those opportunities that you are given to engage in expansive action.  Your desires multiply uncontrollably and, because you always have unfulfilled desires, you are never truly happy. 

Your pursuit of false happiness takes the form of excess—excessive physical activity, sexuality, combativeness--all of which have counterproductive effects on your health and happiness.  You may also love any opportunity to display the "grand gesture" and extravagant actions.  Always be running after unrealistic dreams and get-rich-quick schemes is another symptom of your insecurity and your unwillingness to govern yourself through right-action.

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Mars square Jupiter        Your Desires and Actions are in Conflict with Your
            Expansion/Beneficence/Understanding Function

          Mars squaring Jupiter suggests that you may have a problem adjusting your desires and actions within the framework that you have to operate within.   You may also have trouble understanding your own desires and motivations.  You may attempt to fulfill expansive desires but find that your actions are not appropriate and that they do not lead you to success.  You are likely to find that the scope of your desires ultimately does not match the reality of your capabilities.  You may often try to do things that are too much for you--too large in scale for you to realistically undertake. 

You tend to be overly optimistic about what you desire, your capacity to act and accomplish what you want, and your ability to sustain high levels of energy and perform according to expectations.  This sets yourself up for failure.  Having "bit off more than you can chew," you are constantly running up against obstacles that are too big for you to handle.  You may see these obstacles as challenges and be spurred to employ greater energy to act and overcome these obstacles.  Your desire to win and, particularly, your desire for large-scale success, can become a driving force in your life. 

In another manifestation, your inability to place your desires and course of action in proper perspective can result in the externalization of the conflict symbolized by the Mars-Jupiter square.  Here, your desires and actions run into conflict with the greater social order.  Typically, you may see your personal desires and role as having a larger place in the scheme of things they actually do.  Your inflated sense of the importance of your actions and your tendency to treat your desires as taking primacy over the desires of others can result in your acting as if you were beyond the rules and norms that govern the social order.  Or, rather than accepting your place as a small part of a larger whole, you may try to "take over" the whole.  Your actions and reactions may become especially exaggerated or anti-social when others do not notice your actions or accord them the respect that you assume is due.  This may result in aggravated conflict. 

Mars also symbolizes the animus (the masculine psychological archetype, also associated with male sexual energy). The Jupiter square commonly manifests as an exaggerated animus.  For a man, this may mean that you have too much sexual energy or too much machismo.  If you are unable to meet your overblown expectations with regard to sexuality and masculinity, you  are likely to become insecure.  The square also suggests that you do not understand your animus or what real masculinity is. 

If you are female, the square may symbolize that you have conflicts with your animus prompted by your failure to understand the masculine energy or your inability to assimilate the masculine into your psyche and personality.  This can lead to some significant conflicts with men in your life.  You may especially have issues with the "over-blown male ego." 

Transcendent Potential

You can realize the transcendent potential of Mars square Jupiter when you rise above the personal dimensions of your actions and desires.  You must understand that your personal desires and actions exist within the broader context of your organizational and societal environment, and ultimately within the framework of the cosmic structure.  Therefore, there will be situations in which your personal desires and actions are not fulfilled and may even be obstructed for the common greater good.  You accept this and you willingly surrender your ego when this occurs. 

You also realize that, to the extent that your personal, or ego-based, desires and activities remain with you, you cannot have a complete understanding of what is happening to you and/or around you.  This, too, you must learn to accept.  Your efforts, however, have gone beyond mere acceptance to striving toward a greater positive fulfillment on the supra-personal plane.  By understanding the basis for your desires and motivations, you have sought to rise above your ego and actively pursue that which is for the greater good and/or results in greater understanding.

As the level of your ego-involvement diminishes, your understanding grows and you are more easily able not only to accept what is dictated by the larger context, but to see it as good and beneficial and to actively participate in its being brought about.  You see that whatever action is undertaken and whatever occurs, whether your personal desires are satisfied or not, is for your own ultimate benefit.  You realize that only Good proceeds and you are the recipient of only Grace.


If you are insecure, you will react with anger and/or with excess and exaggeration when your overly optimistic desires and actions are not fulfilled to your expectations.  You may be consistently overly aggressive in your attempts to get what you want.  You feel that the world owes you nothing and if you are to succeed at anything you have to push harder, shout louder and act more quickly than anyone else. 

You may portray your actions and accomplishments as greater than they actually are in order to feel more important.  Your constant over-doing is also likely to be an attempt to prove to yourself and to others that your actions are important and necessary.  Despite your Herculean efforts, you often fail because you have not considered the larger picture, have not understood the situation rightly or have not assimilated your own efforts with the aims of the organization within which you are operating.  Your frustrations often are expressed as anger against society, the establishment and/or its institutions and organizations.  Your frustration may also be expressed through an overabundance of sexual energy and/or through excessive machismo.

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Mars trine Jupiter           Your Desires and Actions are in Harmony with Your
            Expansion/Beneficence/Understanding Function

          The Mars-Jupiter trine suggests that the interactions between your desire/action and expansion/understanding functions are generally positive and reinforcing.  The spheres within which your desires and actions operate are broadened.  You are likely to be attuned to the expansive possibilities inherent in your activities. 

You may find yourself with a full schedule of daily events and enjoy keeping yourself very busy.  The ease with which you accomplish things and the enjoyment that you find in being active are likely to find expression in the joie de vivre that you exhibit.  You are generally attuned to the expansive and optimistic side of life.  This will often result in most of your activity and desires being externalized.  You are apt to be interested in sports and adventure. You are also likely to be more comfortable than most in taking risks and accepting physical challenges. 

The Jupiter trine suggests that you may also have an affinity for growth-oriented activities.  You are apt to have a desire for understanding and a constant prompting toward personal growth and expanding your horizons.  You may even find growth-producing conflict to be challenging and invigorating. 

Your actions are likely to be graceful and you may have a reputation for doing good.  You usually desire to be generous and this is likely to be displayed in your actions.  You are often a bestower of kindness.  Your optimism often gives you the confidence to devote yourself to being helpful to others.

Mars also symbolizes the animus (the masculine psychological archetype, often associated with male sexuality).  The Jupiter trine is often symbolizes an expansive animus.  You are likely to feel good about your masculinity, if you are male.  You may see it as quite normal to be proud of your masculinity and to have an healthy and expansive male ego.  However, unless your insecurities prompt you to exaggerate your masculinity, your expression of masculinity is likely to be well within socially accepted bounds. 

Whether you are male or female, the Jupiter trine suggests that you have a natural understanding of the masculine principle.  This can lead to greater self-knowledge with respect to the male energy within the psyche.  You are likely to enjoy the company of (other) men, especially when they are active, adventurous and in to having a good time.  A man (men) in your life may play the role of benefactor or mentor in your life.

If either Mars or Jupiter has a difficult aspect from another planet, the trine suggests a way for you to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect.  Often, becoming attuned to the understanding that you naturally have and taking a broader perspective can ease any stress caused by some problem of action or unfulfilled desires (when the difficult aspect is to Mars).  Sometimes remembering your optimism and going forth to address the matter can return you to a healthy state.  Taking action or exploring your real desires can usually help you bring things into their proper perspective and deal with the stress associated with a difficult aspect (if it is to Jupiter).   

Transcendent Potential

You can realize the transcendent potential of Mars trine Jupiter when you are attuned to a broad-minded understanding and you allow this understanding to govern your actions. The Buddhist concept of "right action" comes naturally to you.  You also take care to cultivate the Jupiterian traits of benevolence, generosity and broad-mindedness in your daily actions. These qualities infuse your actions and become the objects of your desire.  By practicing such virtues, you have become benevolent and generous, and you shower good will on others.  Your works are kind and bear good fruit in abundance.  Your devotion to that which is Good brings Grace to bear on your motives and actions.  You naturally become devoted to any spiritual guide that can lead you further in your understanding of the goodness of Being.


When you are inwardly insecure, you naturally fail to appreciate that only growth in virtue is worth pursuing.  Thus, your actions are all ego-based and directed at self-satisfaction. The expansive urge within you is manifested in negative and exaggerated ways.  Desires multiply uncontrollably, and because there are always unfulfilled desires, you are never truly happy.  The pursuit of false happiness makes you prone to excess--excessive physical activity, sexuality, combativeness--all of which have counterproductive effects on your health and happiness.  You naturally engage in extravagant actions.  Your actions may, indeed, bring their rewards and fulfill your desires, yet you remain ungrateful and dissatisfied.

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Mars quincunx Jupiter     Your Desires and Actions are in a Critical Relationship with Your
              Expansion/Beneficence/Understanding Function

          Mars quincunx Jupiter symbolizes your lack of a natural ability to integrate your actions according to the expectations of the society and culture in which you live and to be guided according to the social norms that others naturally assimilate within your culture.  Thus, you have had to learn through personal crisis and hard lessons to bring your actions and desires into greater conformity with social expectations.  The end result may be that you have developed a greater sensitivity than is normally felt to the mores of society and the graceful interaction of the individual and your culture. 

          Normally, the psyche assimilates the norms and values of the greater social order and, through this, a person learns how to act appropriately.  A person also usually learns what desires are permissible and which are not.  The quincunx suggests that you have not made this connection to the larger whole.  You have received little guidance from your cultural environment and society on how to go about pursuing your goals, getting what you want and asserting yourself.  Without this assimilated guidance, you may act inappropriately and/or have desires that are unreasonable or unacceptable.  Because you are likely to have learned appropriate behavior through undergoing a series of life crises, or by other channels, any behavioral or motivational problems are more likely to occur when you are young.   This is not to say, however, that each of these functions—desire/active and that of growth and understanding—may not be well developed on their own terms.  However, the link between them seems often to be missing in your psyche. 

There are usually certain critical times in your life when the active/desiring and the expansive/assimilative functions require a level of integration and coordination that you have not yet achieved.  Your actions and desires may be either not expansive enough or too expansive because your actions do not connect with the natural process of controlled and organized growth.  A crisis may occur because you harbor desires that are beyond the appropriate scope within which you can expansively function or because you are not aware of the “permission” that society gives you to exercise your desires expansively.  In other words, your desires do not recognize their proper scope and limits.   Crises may also occur as a result of your lack of understanding of your desires, motivations and actions. 

You will generally create a situation from which there is no painless way out.  The solution is hinted at in the quincunx’s association with the sixth and the eighth houses, representing purification and transformation.   Problems may arise because either your action/desire function or your mode of assimilation/expansion/understanding needs correction. This will often involve employing the capacity to conceptualize and understand that Jupiter symbolizes, but understanding must be combined this with the Martian function of taking action.  In fact, the failure to take appropriate action once a situation is grasped is a common manifestation of Mars quincunx Jupiter.  Your ability to take correct action and/or to purify your desires and motivations may require that a transformation of your worldview take place, often under the pressure of a life crisis.  Overall, it is critical that you allow your desire/activity and expansive/assimilative functions to mutually affect each other, change each other and respond to one another. 

There may be a moment of opportunity, demanding courage to grasp, during which you can resolve the crisis.  The action that must be taken will usually require or bring about a purification or transformation of either your desire/activity function or your understanding of the world and its positive flows of energy. If the crisis is resolved, understanding, growth, right-action, effective motivation and pure desires will result.  If the crisis is not resolved, confused desires and actions, misunderstanding your actions or desires, failure to grasp and act on important opportunities and/or personal humiliation may result, but hopefully you will have learned a lesson that can motivate future purification and transformation of the desire/activity and/or expansive/assimilative complex.

Mars also symbolizes the animus (the masculine psychological archetype).  The quincunx of Mars and Jupiter suggests that you do not understand your animus (at least not through the channel of cultural assimilation).  Your animus may be blocked from experiencing the positive, expansive energy that is associated with Jupiter. 

If you are male, you may have a negative self-image, sexually, due to an absence of optimism and expansiveness with regard to your animus.  Your concept of masculinity is likely to lack relevance to the socially dominant male archetype.  If you express your masculinity expansively, this is likely to be inappropriate, exaggerated or even grotesque.  Particularly if you are a woman, you are not likely to understand positive masculine energy.  You may assume that all male energy is negative or you may be uninterested in understanding males or your own animus.  You may never have experienced anything positive emanating men in your life.  It may take a crisis in your life for you to readjust your understanding of men and the masculine energy.

Transcendent Potential

In order to realize the transcendent potential of Mars quincunx Jupiter, you must first become keenly aware of your lack of purity in your motivations and deeds, particularly, but not exclusively, as they relate to cultural assimilation and expectations.  Once you have this understanding, you become ever observant of your motivations and actions and concerned with how to improve yourself in this regard.  Since has been difficult for you to get in touch with your own internal understanding of appropriate desire and action, it would behoove you to seek guidance from a mentor or teacher, especially concerning right-action.  Your devotion to a path of greater understanding will be rewarded by you possessing grace and beauty, not only in your physical actions, but also in the whole tenor and direction of your life.  However, this will not come without hard work and painful lessons.


You have ignored the cosmic lessons symbolized by the quincunx, preferring to cling to your own willfulness.  Thus, you have experienced your actions rebounding on you and causing great difficulties.  Typically, you will either overstep your bounds and through excess bring about calamity or you will do too little, equally bringing on disaster.  You are doomed to repeat this pattern over and over.

      -- Gargatholil                                                                                                                    Back to Top

Mars opposed Jupiter      Your Desire/Action Function and Your Expansion/Beneficence/
             Understanding Function Are at Polar Extremes

          The opposition of Mars and Jupiter suggests that neither the desire/action function nor the expansion/beneficence/understanding function are allowed to reach their full expression within your psyche until each function incorporates its opposite in order to achieve inner wholeness.  The natural relationship of the functions symbolized by Mars and Jupiter is that the Jupiterian function allows desire and activity to expand within a wider environment, generally through an increased understanding of larger constructs.  Mars, on the other hand, allows the expansive outlook and socially integrated awareness represented by Jupiter to be expressed concretely through action.  With the opposition, this natural relationship is severed by conflict, at least initially. 

The Mars function is likely to be confined to a limited realm, or to function mechanically, without understanding. You may feel incapable of undertaking any great task, experiencing any great joy, or dreaming great dreams.  Or, to the extent that understanding, expanded horizons and a feeling of relationship to larger constructs (society, religion, world view) do exist for you, you may feel powerless or thwarted in manifesting these ideas at a concrete level.  You may feel that nothing that you do results in any good or bears any fruit.

The dynamics symbolized by the opposition are often expressed through conflict.  You may feel torn, for instance, between personal desires and moral strictures.  You may experience conflict between the personal-assertive and the societal-assimilative dimensions.  Such conflicts may result in feelings of guilt or inferiority.  Thus, consciously or subconsciously, you may deny yourself the pleasures and benefits of life that are symbolized by Jupiter.  Trapped in this paradigm, you may even engage in destructive and anti-social behavior, thus fulfilling the prophesy of denying yourself participation in the good life. 

If you feel that your entry into the greater life of society will have consequences that are inherently negative, you may restrict your actions and desires to the petty personal dimension as a coping mechanism.  If this occurs, your personal growth is likely to be blocked.  The challenge of this aspect is to realize the essential compatibility of opposites (the one inherent in and necessary in the other).  As symbolized by the Mars-Jupiter opposition, this entails you adopting a balanced approach between the personal in its active mode (Mars) and the transpersonal in its assimilative/expansive mode (Jupiter).

Transcendent Potential

You can realize the transcendent potential of Mars opposed Jupiter when you resolve the inner conflict between your desire/active function operating in the personal level and your expansion/understanding function operating at the transpersonal assimilative level.  You must resolve the apparent conflict by recognizing the essential complementarities between the two functions.  You must temper your desires and assertive inclinations with understanding and consideration of the greater good.  This will result in your actions and motivations being compatible with and supporting your personal and social growth.  Also, by recognizing and giving due importance to the role of concrete action on the physical plane, you will be able to fully manifest the high ideals and beneficent attitudes symbolized by Jupiter.  Disciplining your desires and engaging in right action are the key to taking your understanding and philosophy out of the ivory tower and into the field of practical application.


When you are inwardly insecure, you cling to your own ego desire.  You tend to see forces and ideas that are beyond the scope of your personal world as threatening and hostile.  Thus, you feel threatened by the world.  You are likely to fear being assimilated by larger constructs and organizations and, thus, losing your active independence and autonomy. 

You generally employ various defense mechanisms to cope with the perceived threat to your ego.  These coping mechanisms may include confrontation, suppression, or projection.  If you employ a confrontational defense mechanism, you will align yourself with one pole of the opposition in conflict with the other.  If you gravitate towards the Martian pole, you will likely see yourself as fighting against the system or heroically fighting against overwhelming forces.  The conflict that this produces often results in anti-social behavior, which ultimately is self-destructive.  If, on the other hand, you gravitate to the Jupiterian pole of the opposition, you may align yourself with such Jupiterian paradigms as religion, morality, social order, cultural expression and the imparting of higher wisdom.  You see yourself as a champion of civilized order against the aggressive and irrational drives of id.  You mistake élan and the expression of masculinity for disorder or being uncouth.  By identifying your ego with a larger unit and a higher cause, you allow yourself to feel superior to others.  Inwardly, however, you are likely to be fighting a battle with your own id and when the id erupts, it is likely to do so in a grotesque or exaggerated manner. 

You may try to avoid the conflict associated by the opposition by suppressing one of the functions symbolized by one of the opposing planets.   If the Jupiterian function is suppressed, this will allow you to retreat into the petty and personal.  You will be concerned with your own desires and actions, oblivious to the wider world around you.  You run the risk that, in ignoring the Jupiterian realms of religion, moral value, higher education and social cohesion, your desires and actions operate without a proper framework or governance.  If the active/desire function is suppressed, you may deny personal responsibility for your actions and desires, feeling that you are only an instrument of a larger force or organization.  You may become totally assimilated into an organization or construct, so that you no longer exhibit any self-assertiveness, independence or autonomy.  If your suppressed desires should erupt, however, they are likely to result in you running to excess. 

If projection is used as a defense mechanism, you will unconsciously transfer the characteristics of the suppressed function to its opposite, as embodied in a partner or institution.  If the expansive/beneficent/understanding function is suppressed and unable to express itself positively, the qualities associated with Jupiter will be projected onto those people (generally men) or institutions in your life that exemplify action and independence.  You may see such people as larger than life and you may expect great things from them.  You may also expect those on whom you project your suppressed Jupiterian energy to be kind, generous and understanding, even when you are not.  You may view active institutions (particularly the military) as beneficent and especially worthy of allegiance.  If the desire/active function is suppressed and projected, it is most likely to be projected onto an overarching institution, such as the church, government, military or academia.  You are likely to expect these institutions to fulfill all of your desires and to act in your stead.  Inevitably, the person(s) or institution receiving the projection cannot live up to your expectations.  You are, therefore, disappointed and tend to blame the other party.  You are also liable to project your own negative, suppressed baggage onto the other party and to see him/her/it acting in ways that manifest your own hidden (or sometimes not so hidden) faults.

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