Leo-Libra potentially resonates with the sextile between two planets.  However, semi-squares may occur between planets in the latter half of Leo and the first half of Libra and an out-of-sign square is also possible between planets in early Leo and late Libra.  Thus, the Leo-Libra relationship, while generally harmonious, can be complicated by conflict.   Interpreting the Leo-Libra combination may also shed some light on a number of related symbol sets.  These include Leo in the seventh house, Libra in the fifth house, the Sun in Libra, Venus in Leo, the Sun in the seventh house, Venus in the fifth house and aspects between the Sun and Venus (conjunction, or minor aspects semi-sextile or semi-square).
As a reminder, “container” is used here as a general term designating a planet whether in one’s own chart or another’s.  When in another’s chart, “container” may practically be viewed to mean the other person.  So that the analysis doesn’t wind up seeming too cold and depersonalized, I will sometimes use the personal pronoun (you) in lieu of the impersonal “container.”  Recognize that either term can refer to a planetary energy within you or your relationship with another person.

With Leo-Libra, we have the pairing of  the Fixed Fire and Cardinal Air signs.  Thus, the relationship between the two containers would seem to be mostly harmonious.  Fire and Air traditionally are seen as compatible, although the Fixed and Cardinal modalities can be at odds with each other.  Images that may be associated with Leo-Libra include the Sun brightly shining on a clear day with a cooling breeze and a fire fed by a constant flow of air.

In the first image, the dominant feature is the Sun (Leo).  The air (Libra) is a positive enabling force that allows the Sun to beneficially express itself.
  First of all, the air in this image is clear--free of pollutants, turbidity, haze or clouds--anything that would obstruct, hinder or distort the Sun's rays from shining down to earth.  The air also provides a medium through which the Sun's rays are refracted and spread throughout as daylight.  Without this medium, the Sun would just appear as a fiery ball in a black sky, as it would appear on an atmosphereless planet or moon.  The refracting of the Sun's light through the air symbolizes Libra's social function relative to Leo.  The Libra container can have a socially polishing influence on the Leo container, helping to smooth out their rough edges (or soften their bright glare), thus allowing Leo's creative expressions to be more readily accepted by others around them.  The Libra container may also play an active role in promoting Leo's creativity socially, or spreading the output of Leo's expression through relationship.  And, as molecules or tiny particles in the air reflect (or scatter) the Sun's light, enhancing it to make a blue sky or a gorgeous sunset appear, the Leo container can play off their Libra counterpart who enhances the appearance of your creative output or colorful display.

The Libra container also gains from this interaction for, with Libra, it frequently is all about your partner.  When your partner is looking good, you are looking good; and a Libra container will generally not have an incentive to try to outshine their partner--which is perfect for a Leo container, who likely cannot abide being outshown.  In fact, some Libra containers may have a tendency to display their Leo partners like a trophy.  In any case, the Libra container is likely to be quite content to bask in the sunlight of their Leo partner and, therefore, to do what they can to help their partner shine.  Both Libra and Leo enjoy glamour and both seek attention, though for different reasons.  The Leo container will tend to seek attention in order to validate their persona or the worth of their creativity and self-expression.  The Libra container will tend to seek the attention of others in order to validate their worthiness to be loved.

This image also implies its shadow image--the Sun trying to shine through a turbid, hazy, polluted sky and becoming distorted.  This suggests that a positive Leo-Libra relationship depends upon the containers--especially the Libra container--acting out of relatively pure motives and with clarity.  The fact that the Libra container may gain ego-rewards from their association with a Leo partner would not in itself indicate impure motive (at least not at the level at which most people are functioning) as long as the association and motives remain relatively innocent.  If the Libra container's motives become too self-serving and they begin to act manipulatively toward their Leo counterpart, the relationship will likely be infected with negative energy.  The prospect that the Leo container feels used, abused or betrayed arises.  If the Leo container has inherent insecurities which are hiding behind their self-expressive persona, they may allow themselves to be used and manipulated by their Libra partner, feeling unworthy to do otherwise or feeling reliant on the efforts of their Libra partner, being too insecure to stand on their own. 

The image of the Sun shining on a breezy day also carries with it a suggestion of the moderating influence that the Libra container may have on their Leo counterpart.  The Libra container is likely to be very much more aware than their Leo counterpart of the social nuances and consequences of the Leo container's behavior.  Thus, there are opportunities for the Libra container to temper any flamboyance, self-importance, over-dominance or other inappropriate extroverted Leonine behavior through advice, gentle remonstrance, or running interference.  Libra's filter can also re-balance a Leo container whose expressiveness has gotten out of balance. 

We also know that summer breezes are the result of air becoming heated, inducing circulation.  Thus, this image also suggests that the Leo container can energize their Libra partner, who may have a tendency toward complacency.  Leo's energy and will can also be applied to Libra's famous tendency toward indecision, prompting their Libra partner to make up their mind (generally toward the end favored by the Leo container, with Libra's desire to please their partner making this dynamic more probable).  While there is a danger here of the Libra container becoming too passive and giving up their own will to the stronger Leo partner, following Leo's lead can be a source of motivation for you.  Infusing the Libra container with a dose of Leonine passion is generally beneficial for both (as the Leo container hopefully gains a more active partner).

The image of a fire fed by a constant flow of air suggests a supportive role for the Libra container toward their Leo partner.  This support is not only provided through the Libra container's adoration and praise for their Leo partner (which can also inflame your ego).  The creativity and energy displayed by the Leo container can be fed through the mental or social stimulation provided by their Libra counterpart.  Being in an air sign, the Libra container is often mentally active and engaged.  Conversation and sharing of thoughts and ideas can stimulate your Leo partner, fanning their creative impulses or prompting them to take action.  Your Leo counterpart can also respond positively to the social engagement in which you can involve them.  This may provide them with opportunities to express themselves and may also stimulate their creativity.  The reward for the Libra container is to experience a brighter flame emanating from their Leo partner.

As implied above, the juxtaposition of the Fixed and Cardinal modalities can cause some friction to develop in the Leo-Libra relationship.  While it may sometimes seem as if Libra's accommodating qualities would better suggest Mutability, it is the Cardinal energy applied to social and mental Air that produces Libra's concern with balance, harmony and equilibrium.  The force or insistence that is Libra's Cardinality is the insistence on preserving a harmonious social/relationship order.  Leo's Fixity, on the other hand, is seen in your stubbornness to express your own Solarity, the dominating quality of your persona, and the uncompromising fierceness of your passion.  This can be, and often is, a disruptive force in the web of social relationships which Libra strives to keep ever in balance.  Leo's thunderous roar is likely to be unwelcome if it rattles Libra's carefully arranged glass menagerie.  On the other hand, the Leo container may chafe at their Libra partner's insistence on social etiquette and paying attention to everyone but oneself.

We can now look at the relationship between the two signs as informed by their ruling planets--the Sun and Venus.  Venus is an interior planet and so, like Mercury but not as much, has an intimate relationship with the Sun.  Yet, throughout its cycle of interior and exterior conjunctions, Venus spends much of its orbit out of aspect with the Sun.  In fact, besides the conjunction, the only other aspects made by Venus to the Sun are the semi-sextile (near its stationary position) and semi-square (preceding its stationary position).  This suggests a pattern in which Venus is first consumed by the Sun, then in a state of detachment (or liberation), interrupted by a state of tension.  Thus, one potential relationship between Leo and Libra, suggested by the Sun-Venus conjunction, is that the Leo container may dominate their Libra partner to the extent that the Libra container loses their autonomy and becomes completely overshadowed (or out-shown) by their Leo companion.  However, the conjunction by its nature suggests a blending of energies and qualities and, so, an alternative relationship is that, while seeming to be overshadowed, the Libra container exerts a compelling influence over their Leo partner, guiding them toward socially sustainable behavior. 

In the "detached" phases of the Sun-Venus relationship, Venus may either appear as the morning star or the evening star.  As the morning star, Venus rises before the Sun, suggesting both that the Libra container may tend to lead their Leo counterpart (subtly, as Leo will generally chafe at being led anywhere) and that the Libra container may seek a preeminent position (while they can until the Leo Sun rises and overwhelms their light) in the relationship.  This is consistent with Dane Rudhyar's assessment of Venus' morning star position as signifying a more active social engagement and with the Aztec take on morning star Venus as a troublemaker (from the fictitious Vanessa Freyamor in The Mountain Astrologer, Feb/Mar 2018).  A forward Libra partner would certainly be viewed as trouble by many Leo containers.  Venus' evening star phase, on the other hand, suggests the Libra container following their Leo counterpart (perhaps "picking up after" or rebalancing the Leo partner when their fiery behavior upsets the social equilibrium).  The Sun-Venus cycle also suggests periods of tension in the Leo-Libra relationship.  These periods of tension are likely to revolve around conflicts over social harmony versus free expression, with the Libra container pushing their Leo partner to mute their self-expressiveness in consideration of others and the Leo container resisting this request. 

We can also gain insights by looking at the relationship between the psychological functions symbolized by the Sun and Venus.  The Sun may be seen as representing the conscious self.  Venus represents the evaluative function of the psyche, what in Hindu psychology is called the buddhi, the discriminating faculty.  Thus, the Libran container may see their role as that of the "conscience" of the relationship in the broadest sense of that term.  The Leo container may rely upon their Libran partner to guide them in various realms ranging from taste to values.  Whether or not the Leo container is responsive to Libra's need (i.e., willing to give up some of their autonomy--a difficult thing for Leo sometimes), the Libra container may seek to assert their role as arbiter of choices.  In doing so, the Libra container faces some delicate issues.  Not the least of these is dealing with a Leo container that is likely to feel that they are the authority in the relationship.  Particularly a somewhat insecure Leo container is apt to be jealous in safeguarding this role and wary of any attempt to take away their decision-making prerogative.  Added to this is Libra's famous reputation for indecision.  How can the Libra container guide the strong-willed Leo container if they cannot make up their mind?  This actually creates opportunity for synergy between the two containers, with the Libra container deriving energy and an indication of their will from their Leo counterpart that prompts them to clarify their own values and choices.  This may play out in a dynamic in which the Libra container acts as a sounding board for the Leo container's wishes, evaluating them against the touchstone of good taste and social appropriateness and then providing feedback and guidance.

Finally, let us look at the glyphs of the two signs--the Lion and the Scales.  At first glance, there appears to be little in common between these glyphs.  After all, who would weigh a lion?  We can look more deeply into the meanings associated with these two glyphs, however, to tease out still more meaning from the Leo-Libra relationship.  The Scales are frequently associated with justice (i.e., the balance held by Blind Justice).  The lion is frequently associated with royalty and royalty in its highest form becomes an implement of justice.  Think of the image of the Lion of Judah--a strong, just, loving king.  Or look at what Matisyahu says about kingship in his song, Refuge (I can't repeat the lyrics here without running afoul of the music industry).  Justice, particularly compassionate justice, justice for the oppressed and downtrodden, is a quality of the higher manifestation of the Leo energy.  Thus, in the Leo-Libra combination, we have an opportunity to manifest justice.  The Leo container supplies the power and authority to implement justice, as well as the passion to undertake a just cause.  The Libra container can kindle that sense of justice in their Leo counterpart, as well as lead them in the correct paths toward a just end. 

Another manifestation of the interaction of the balance principle with the idea of Leonine royalty is the development of a profound nobility through the sharing of Leo and Libra energies.  Nobility and a truly regal nature is achieved amidst a state of calmness and tranquility.  This is also the state to which the king wishes to bring their kingdom.  This is achieved through balance and equipoise, which are Libran characteristics.  The state of noble equipoise is a transcendent manifestation of the Leo-Libra relationship.  In this relationship, the Libra container may be viewed as analogous to the king's  minister but the power behind the minister, and the power through which the minister functions, belongs to the king--Leo. 

Of course, all of the Leo-Libra dynamics can play out internally, as well as between two people.  The Leo-Libra energy will also be modulated by the planets involved, whether in your own chart or someone else’s.  The depositorships of the Sun and Venus may also come into play.  -- Gargatholil             
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