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This is the thirty-third installment of a series of sign-to-sign interpretations of the astrological symbol set. For interpretations of Planets in Signs, Planets in Houses and Planets in Aspect, please see the Depth Astrology series at the Smashwords e-publishing site,

The dynamics of sign-to-sign relationships can be useful not only in the interpretation of compatibility charts; they can also add information to the interpretation of planetary aspects.  As with other symbol set interpretations, the juxtaposition of the essential energies of each sign is the starting off point for exploring their meanings.

This series continues with Gemini-Pisces and will end with Pisces-Pisces, working around the zodiacal wheel factorially with a new zodiacal combination presented each month.  Past month’s articles are archived.  Upon completion, some 4 years from now, Insha’Allah, these articles will immediately be published as an e-book for sale. 


Gemini-Pisces potentially resonates with the square aspect between two planets.  Also, out-of-sign sextiles can exist between planets in very early Gemini and very late Pisces and out-of-sign trines can exist between planets in late Gemini and early Pisces.  Thus, the Gemini-Pisces relationship is generally considered to be difficult but there are also opportunities for harmony to exist between containers in the two signs.   Interpreting the Gemini-Pisces combination may also shed some light on a number of related symbol sets.  These include Gemini in the twelfth house, Pisces in the third house, Mercury in Pisces, Neptune in Gemini, Mercury in the twelfth house, Neptune in the third house, and aspects between Mercury and Neptune.

As a reminder, “container” is used here as a general term designating a planet whether in one’s own chart or another’s.  When in another’s chart, “container” may practically be viewed to mean the other person.  So that the analysis doesn’t wind up seeming too cold and depersonalized, I will sometimes use the personal pronoun (you) in lieu of the impersonal “container.”  Recognize that either term can refer to a planetary energy within you or your relationship with another person.

With Gemini-Pisces, we have the dynamic between Mutable Air and Mutable Water.  Signs of the same modality are in angular relationship to each other, generally producing challenges and stress.  While the shared modality indicates a way of action that is common to the two signs, the differing elements want to act in different ways and, potentially, in different directions.  With Gemini and Pisces we have the juxtaposition of the Air and Water elements, which are generally considered not to be compatible.

Images for Gemini and Pisces may include squalls on a sea, sea spray being blown by the wind, or a mist that persists even as a fickle wind attempts to clear it away.  In the first image, these are not violent storms but playful stirrings of the wind upon the sea.  The sea, Pisces, is disturbed, even helpless before the flitting of the Gemini wind upon her surface.  Pisces, searching for meaning in every little thing, typically would find it difficult to comprehend Gemini's detached playfulness, the gestures, infatuations and conversations begotten by a whim for no reason at all.  Yet, the Piscean container also finds it difficult to ignore Gemini's behavior and, so, is apt to be perturbed by it.  Perhaps it is the mutual mutability, a recognition in Gemini of the mirroring of its own propensity for emotional ambiguity, that is the reason the Piscean container cannot look away at Gemini's behavior. 

As for the Gemini container, they are equally apt to be puzzled and annoyed at the Pisces container's sensitivity to everything.  A common question posed by the Gemini container to their Piscean counterpart, whether openly or unspoken, is: why does everything have to be such an issue?  Why all this emotional complexity, this endless processing, this ability for the slightest thing to stir up a sea of emotion?  Here, there may be a point of common ground, however, if the Gemini container can become interested in Pisces' processing and if this emotional processing can be done verbally.  The Gemini and Pisces couple may happily engage in talk therapy.  However, the danger exists that the Piscean partner may come to feel that they are not being taken seriously and that it is all just an intellectual game for Gemini.  Their Gemini partner has no understanding of their feelings.  An attempt to bring this to the attention of your Gemini partner may, however, only ignite the same old Gemini frustrations about the Pisces container's absorption in their emotions.

In the second image, Gemini also appears to be more in control, acting upon the Piscean energy rather than being acted upon.  The difference here, though, is that there is a real tug-of-war over dominance that is occurring.  For the origination of the sea spray is not Gemini's doing but the Piscean expression of the ancient cosmic game of the drop separating from the ocean and returning to the ocean.  The sea spray can be seen as the Piscean urge to take on all forms, which is a reflection of the manifestation of multiplicity out of cosmic Unity.  Pisces can be shifting, ambiguous, paradoxical, and even duplicitous because, deep down there is an awareness, even if it is unconscious, that everything is One and, so, it really doesn't matter what part of the Illusion is currently manifesting--it all comes from and will return to the same Ocean of Boundlessness.

The Gemini container's natural instinct is to categorize these manifestations, thus preserving their particularity.  The Piscean container's natural instinct is to withdraw these manifestations back into the One.  Thus, the Gemini container will tend to objectify their world, while the Piscean container will tend to subjectify their world experience so that everything becomes relative and tentative.  This clash of worldviews is fertile ground for conflict.  The Gemini container's insistence on an objective reality often means that they will react negatively to the Piscean container's changing realities, which are situational but which, from the Piscean perspective, are not inconsistent with an inclusive reality.  This not being the Gemini perspective, the Gemini container may classify the loose allegiance to an objective reality displayed by their Pisces counterpart as untruth, duplicity, or self-delusionOn the Piscean container's part, you may conclude that your Gemini counterpart is insensitive to situational nuance and is being unreasonable in their insistence on a single interpretation of events or circumstances.  A possible point of harmony may be found in Gemini's notorious ability to see both sides of an argument.  If the Gemini container cannot feel the nuanced situational differences that cause Pisces to shift position, perhaps you can intellectually appreciate the complexities and potential for paradoxical outcomes with which the Piscean container is dealing.

In the third image, it is Pisces who is obstructing and acting upon Gemini.  In this image, the mutable quality of water is expressed as mist, a permutation of water in its liquid state.  This mist represents several qualities associated with Pisces--obliqueness, uncertainty, ambiguity, confusion, obfuscation, etc.  Gemini objectivity tries to clear away this mist but to no avail.  The tendency of the Piscean container to "mist-ify" so much of what they convey is often infuriating to the Gemini container.  You tend to want things to be clear (even if you may change your mind about them momentarily) and your Piscean counterpart has an equal tendency to want to keep things vague.  This is very often a Piscean defense against their vulnerability for, if they cannot be pinned down, they cannot be held accountable or, to use a metaphor, there is no steady target at which to take aim. 

Vulnerability is something that a Gemini container may have difficulty understanding for your mentally detached attitude usually keeps you from experiencing emotional vulnerability or, from another perspective, because of your detached attitude emotional vulnerability
is a foreign concept for you.  Because of your lack of sensitivity to Piscean vulnerability, you are apt to intrude on vulnerable territory without even being aware of what you are doing.  This becomes especially dangerous for the Piscean container given Pisces notorious capacity to lack boundaries and, thus, open themselves up to emotional assault.  Thus, when in contact with a Gemini container, Pisces may become especially ambiguous, hiding behind a projected mist of emotional uncertainty, illusion and/or defensive strategies and even delusion.  Any attempt to bring clarity is only likely to further muddy the Piscean waters.

As we have alluded to above, it is not as if Gemini is immune to accusations of unwarranted changeableness.  As much as the Gemini container may demand clarity of the Piscean container, Pisces often strives to balance their own internal emotional changeability with a desire a controllable environment.  This can sometimes take the form of surreptitiously manipulating other people, often through appeals to be sensitive to Piscean needs or through guilt or blame.  Gemini containers, because they often lack the emotional hooks that can be played upon, can be maddeningly unresponsive to your attempts at manipulationThe lack of mental fixity generally displayed by Gemini also makes a Gemini container less controllable in your eyes, which may seem threatening to your emotional sense of security.  There is also the element of reacting negatively to traits in others (mutability) that you bear yourself. 

Of course, a major source of conflict between Gemini and Pisces lies in the differences inherent in their elements--Air and Water.  It is in Pisces that Gemini's Air comes into direct conflict with the Water element.  It is one of three similar dynamics, the other two being Cancer-Libra and Scorpio-Aquarius.  Here, the highlighted conflict is between the mental and emotional realms with a secondary conflict between the risk inherent in social engagement and the need for security that emotional vulnerability evokes.  Because of their mutability, both Gemini and Pisces are involved with manifesting potentiality and preserving options.  For Gemini, the options that need to be kept open are mental and social.  Preserving or actualizing these mental and social options can be threatening to the Pisces container's urge to keep their emotional options open and to guard those emotions from intrusive onslaught.  As we alluded to above, Piscean emotional fluidity depends to a large extent upon keeping things vague enough so that emotional shifts and nuances are not experienced as abrupt or jarring or, in other terms, so that they can occur under cover.  Gemini mental objectivity seeks to shine light on whatever it focuses and, thus, to de-mystify and expose--frisky Toto pulling away the curtain to expose the Wizard of Oz's illusion. 

From the social perspective, the overactive Gemini social butterfly, likewise, threatens to tear through and disrupt the Piscean container's carefully and subtly constructed social web that is designed to both advance your interests and provide security for you in the social setting.  Frequently, your Piscean social relationships are built in order to support and bolster an ego that is naturally insecure because it is so close to the knowledge of its own non-existence.  As an example, although you yourself may calculatingly use gossip to advance your social ends, the prospect of a Gemini unthinkingly and indiscriminately
gossiping for the pure social pleasure can cause consternation as you see your social environment spinning out of your control. 

From the other side, the Piscean container's emotional demandingness or neediness, and constantly shifting emotional nuances can be sources of irritation for the Gemini container.  Though for the Gemini reason may take many courses and lead to more than one conclusion, nevertheless, Gemini's natural instinct is to assume that the world is rationally ordered and, therefore, to demand that actors in the world operate rationally.  From the Gemini perspective, Piscean behavior is apt to be viewed as irrational and, thus, contravening the natural order.  Furthermore, Piscean emotional demands are likely to be perceived by you as inhibiting your freedom, particularly in the social sphere.  This will most often result in a rejection of the very premises of the Pisces container's thoughts, expressions, and social interactions.  Gemini attitudes toward Piscean containers may include disdain, irrelevance, annoyance, exasperation, and anger at the Piscean container's insistent emotionality.

Looking at the two signs through their glyphs can bring further insight into how their energies can interact.  Gemini's glyph, the twins (Castor and Pollux) would seem at first to have the advantage over the Piscean fish.   The distinct possibility that, coming upon the two fish, the Twins' first inclination would be to catch and eat them suggests the potential for the Gemini container to exploit the vulnerability of sensitive and emotional Pisces.  If, that is, they can succeed in catching the elusive pair.  This suggests, in turn, that a dominant stance of the Piscean container toward their Gemini counterpart may be defensive. 

On another level, however, we can see the Fish as symbolic of the archetypal Cosmic Duality within which all of the manifested creation is trapped.  From this vantage point, the human Twins are apt to be confused and spellbound by the Piscean mystique.  To the extent that the Piscean container deploys their weapons of duplicity, obfuscation, prevarication and deceit, the Gemini container may be taken in.  Of course, if and when the Gemini container realizes this, feeling foolish and betrayed, they will probably never trust the Piscean container again and raise their defensive shield of skepticism. Ironically, it is this very skepticism that can affect a harmonious dynamic between Gemini and Pisces.  For, if skepticism is turned on rational objectivity itself, there is the potential for the "intellect to pierce the intellect," resulting in the realization of transcendent dimensions lying beyond the reach of the intellect and a centering into the Here and Now, which is Gemini's transcendent potential.  This is also the state of Oneness that is Pisces's transcendent potential. 

Looking at the ruling planets of each sign, Mercury and Neptune echo the mental-emotional dynamics associated with the Mutable Air-Water relationship.  An added element here is the contrast (and conflict) between the personal and the transpersonal.  Mercury symbolizes the personal mind and, therefore, the Gemini container will tend to be focused on the phenomenal world which the personal mind inhabits.  Neptune, at its highest manifestation, symbolizes the transcendent world, the world where Duality disappears into Oneness.  Of course, as symbolized by its glyph which is symbolic of the Prime Duality, Transcendent Oneness is not a given for Pisces.  Yet, being ruled by Neptune, there is always a pull, or an imperative, in that direction.  The duty of the mind, however, is to block this pull and keep the soul in the realm of Duality and, most often (in fact, almost always) it succeeds, to a greater or lesser extent.  It is true that Neptune has an incredibly wide range of manifestation across the negative-positive continuum.  However, it can be said that nearly all of the more negative manifestations of Neptune's energy are manifestations of the thwarted will to transcend the realm of mind and illusion working through the subconscious in an attempt to achieve its goal. 

Thus, the conflict between Gemini and Pisces energy as viewed through their ruling planets is incredibly complex because it can occur at so many levels of Neptune's manifestation.  When Neptune is operating through Pisces near its highest level, the Gemini-Pisces dynamic may mirror the internal struggle that the Piscean container experiences between the downward pull toward the world and the transcendent pull of Neptune.  This may cause you to view your Gemini counterpart as sort of a spiritual enemy, a danger to your spiritual equilibrium and progress or, perhaps, simply as a downer.  One danger in this dynamic, of course, is spiritual pride--looking down on the mundanely engaged Gemini container and boosting your ego in the process (another trick of the mind).  Whether you fall for the temptation of spiritual arrogance or are just wary of, or tired of, Gemini's focus on things that you find petty or unimportant, the Gemini container is likely to feel put off or ignored.  When operating internally, this conflict is likely to manifest as the Neptunian side of your psyche being unwelcomingly distracted from its spiritual inclination by the activities of the Gemini container.  In turn, when the Gemini container is activated, you may experience feelings of guilt or that the Gemini activity is a waste of time. 

At another level of Neptune manifestation, the planet is associated with a range of mostly subtle and finer emotions, which may include intuition, empathy and sensitivity, or fears, neuroses and insecurities.  These are all foreign to the rational mind and, whether the containers are external or internal, there is often conflict over which will predominate and control your will and actions.  The Gemini rational mind is likely to devalue Piscean intuition, empathy and sensitivity and to deride or be exasperated by Piscean fears, neuroses or insecurities.  Similarly, the Piscean container is likely to discount or ignore Gemini logic and reason in favor of emotional perception.  When the containers are internal, this conflict may result in you not being able to fully operate from either a rational or subtle emotional place because one container is blocking the operation of the other.

When the ego is in full defensive mode against the pull of Neptunian transcendence, it will engage in self-delusion, outward manipulation and even in self-destruction.  All of these negative activities make it nearly impossible to function from an objective and rational Gemini perspective.  If the Gemini container, seeing what is happening to their Piscean counterpart, attempts to intervene, the Pisces container is likely to do everything possible to thwart the success of such an intervention.  There is also the danger that Neptunian destructive tendencies will infect the Gemini mind so that it becomes and accomplice in the downward spiral, your thoughts running out of control into depression or other forms of mental disorder.  It is likely that this negative dynamic can only be resolved when the Piscean container "hits bottom" and experiences an awakening to their transcendent purpose--an event so powerful that it can take the Gemini mind to a transcendent level as well, at which level the conflict is risen above.

Of course, all of the Gemini-Pisces dynamics can play out internally, as well as between two people.  The Gemini-Pisces energy will also be modulated by the planets involved, whether in your own chart or someone else’s.  The depositorships of Mercury and Neptune may also come into play.

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