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This is the twenty-fourth installment of a new series of interpretations of the astrological symbol set. For interpretations of Planets in Signs, Planets in Houses and Planets in Aspect, please see the Depth Astrology series at the Smashwords e-publishing site, . 


The dynamics of sign-to-sign relationships can be useful not only in the interpretation of compatibility charts; they can also add information to the interpretation of planetary aspects.  As with other symbol set interpretations, the juxtaposition of the essential energies of each sign is the starting off point for exploring their meanings.


This series continues with Gemini-Gemini and will end with Pisces-Pisces, working around the zodiacal wheel factorially with a new zodiacal combination presented each month.  Past month’s articles are archived.  Upon completion, some 4 1/4 years from now, Insha’Allah, these articles will immediately be published as an e-book for sale.




Gemini-Gemini potentially resonates with the conjunction of two planets in Gemini and, also, with a cluster of planets in that sign.   Interpreting the Gemini-Gemini combination may also shed some light on a number of related symbol sets.  These include Gemini in the third house, Mercury in Gemini and Mercury in the third house.


As a reminder, “container” is used here as a general term designating a planet whether in one’s own chart or another’s.  When in another’s chart, “container” may practically be viewed to mean the other person.  So that the analysis doesn’t wind up seeming too cold and depersonalized, I will sometimes use the personal pronoun (you) in lieu of the impersonal “container.”  Recognize that either term can refer to a planetary energy within you or your relationship with another person.


With Gemini-Gemini an intensification of the Mutable Air energy is likely.  This can lead to a strengthening of the positive qualities associated with Gemini or it can lead to an excess manifestation of typical Gemini qualities.  The Gemini qualities that are likely to be emphasized will be influenced by the particular planets located in Gemini, as well as aspects made to those planets (consult Depth Astrology: An Astrological Handbook, for a full description of these qualities). In any case, two Gemini containers are likely to support each other and work together harmoniously. 


The two containers are likely to share a "dispassionate enthusiasm" for all sorts of mental exploration.  Conversations are apt to be lively and interesting and mental interaction of other sorts is also likely to be quick and active.  One container's curiosity can easily spark the curiosity of the other so that, together, they can pursue almost endless pathways of uncovering facts and items of interest.  What one doesn't know, the other may, or both are apt to dig for the answer.

Of course, "living in your head" is a compound danger with Gemini-Gemini as there is no check in this combination to an overabundance of mental energy being employed.  The couple or the dynamic may appear ungrounded as there may be no clear anchor in the relationship.  Not that either party in this relationship would care since they are at home in their element, undistracted by emotional or practical considerations or any compulsion to act.  

Mercury's energy is obviously the predominant planetary influence for the Gemini-Gemini pair.  This means that the relationship between the two containers is almost sure to take place at the mental-communicative level.  Whether this exchange of mental energy is productive or not depends upon the motivation that the Gemini containers develop.  The danger is that the intellect is used for mental entertainment rather than being applied to some useful venture, whether that venture be in the philosophical, scientific, or practical realm.  Some other connection between the Gemini containers and another sign is, decidedly, helpful in redirecting the Gemini mental energy toward a useful purpose.

Similarly, conversation can easily remain at the level of banter, in which case the Gemini-Gemini energy is subject to banality, frivolousness, and ultimately boredom or meaninglessness.  As with Gemini mental energy, communication must be given some purpose other than occupying time.  The Gemini containers can eagerly and positively engage in communication to promote useful inquiry, tackle problems and achieve solutions, or facilitate social engagement.  Again, the positive direction which the strength of Gemini-Gemini communication patterns may take can be productively influenced by contact with other signs.

We can also look to the pairing of the glyph of this sign for insight into how the Gemini-Gemini energy may manifest.  When the Gemini Twins face each other, we can envision a sort of double-mirroring effect.  The Twins symbolize the dual nature of Gemini, a quality that can be associated also with its Mutability.  Thus, Gemini can easily move back and forth between opposites, first taking one position, then another.  When two Gemini containers are present, the dynamic can become fluid, almost like a game of musical chairs.  Taking the role of Devil's advocate--a natural role for Gemini anyway--can be passed around with one container first opposing, then defending.  The whole process does not bode well for reaching a decision or ever taking action. 

The mirroring effect also provides the opportunity, however, for an interactive form of self-examination.  We are, in a sense, looking at an image of ourselves and the characteristics that we exhibit.  It is said that we dislike those qualities in another that we have in ourselves and, so, this ability to reflect our own Gemini qualities could become a source of annoyance or even aversion.  If we can recognize those faults as our own, though, then we can take steps to change and develop more positive qualities. 

In particular, Gemini-Gemini may come to realize by seeing his/her/its own qualities manifest in the other container that the often exhausting game of running from here to there always in search of new and interesting experience leads nowhere.  We can see in the other how scattered we become and resolve to become more centered.  For Gemini-Gemini, this is not necessarily becoming more grounded or even necessarily slowing down but rather it is a change in focus (becoming more focused) to become more aware of what, how and why we are experiencing.  By centering, Gemini can give up the manic quest for something to occupy the mind and relax into the Here and Now.  It is this realization that everything you need, everything that is worth experiencing is right here, right now that will calm the nervous excitement that can be amped up when Gemini energy compounds itself. 

It is the Here and Now that is Gemini's transcendent potential.  When both Gemini containers are operating at this level, it is like a wondrous dance.  It is like two children walking carefree through meadow and glade, enjoying everything that presents itself to their awareness.  Even if only one container awakens to the possibility of existing in the Here and Now, he/she/it can more easily pull another Gemini container to that level, or in the direction of realizing that level, than a container in any other sign. 

On the other hand, if there is no recognition of the need and potential to transcend involvement and absorption in chasing after the mundane world
and its disconnected experiences, the Gemini-Gemini combination can continue to manifest on a superficial level, with each container merely collecting experience and information and then running off to the next thing.  The Gemini containers may go hand in hand or they may run around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off.  In any case, it is often the case that their energies will dissipate either from exhaustion or ennui when everything becomes rather insipid.  At such times, the two containers may tire of each other and separate, enter a dormant phase during which their energies can regroup, or turn on each other in mutual dissatisfaction (usually in mental or verbal picking at each other).  This is also a time during which Gemini can reevaluate his/her/its behavior, examining the motivation for the frenzied quest for gathering the data of experience.  If one or both Geminis decide that enough pointless running around is enough, they may begin the journey toward the Here and Now.

Of course, all of the Gemini-Gemini dynamics can play out internally, as well as between two people.  The Gemini-Gemini energy will also be modulated by the planets involved, whether in your own chart or someone else’s.  The depositorship of Mercury may also come into play.  Gargatholil


The Democratic Convention: Clinton vs. Sanders

While I am not a predictive astrologer, looking at the astrology of the Presidential race is just too tempting.  In relation to the election day chart and the inaugural chart, Bernie Sanders (whom we all voted to be President at our meeting) looks like he has an excellent chance to be the next President of the United States.  Incidentally, Donald Trump, also, has a lot going for him astrologically and there appears to be not much hindering him from a path to the Presidency.  Hillary has a plausible chart, as well, although I personally don’t think it’s as strong as either Sanders’ or Trump’s.  But, before Bernie can win the general election, he needs to get past Hillary Clinton to secure the Democratic nomination.

I’ve cast a chart for the Convention assuming a kick-off at noon on July 25th (there is not an official start time for the convention that has been posted yet).  I’ve also cast a chart for the nomination, assuming that would happen at 11:00 pm on July 27th.  I’ve accepted Stephen Poplin’s 8:17 am birth time for Hillary and a reported 12:27 pm birth time for Bernie.  Here is what it looks like to me.


First of all, the Convention itself (see the chart below) has a Libra Ascendant (so a show of harmony can be expected) and the Convention’s Sun in Leo is in the 10th house (as can be expected at noon), indicating a position of strength and public attention.  I’m using Placidus houses since we’re dealing with events.   The Sun’s trine to Saturn in the second house also suggests a premium on order and control.  The Convention’s Venus is in the 10th house, conjunct Mercury in the 11th, which also signals the importance of harmony and, perhaps, a highlighted role for party platform, or at least the prospect of strong and effective communication enhancing the party’s position.  If Venus is seen as representing Hillary, then this suggests her effective control over the official communication mechanisms of the Convention.  So far, all this looks good for Hillary.


However, there are indications that this may not be an entirely smooth coronation.  Mars in the second house squares Mercury, suggesting battles over how the party’s values are communicated.  In this case, Mars’ trine to the Convention’s Sun could signal how easily combativeness and contention might affect the Convention.  Mars is also trine the Convention’s Chiron in 6th house Pisces, perhaps indicating how easy the workings (or health) of the Convention could be wounded and disrupted by such fighting.  Chiron opposes Jupiter in the 12th house and the Convention’s Part of Fortune is squared by both, suggesting the damage (including hidden damage to the party’s well-being) that could result from wounds that occur during the Convention.

The Moon, representing the emotional pulse of the Convention, is in combative Aries (though this could also be a sign of excitement and energy) in a wide conjunction but moving toward Uranus, both in the 7th house.  This could represent challenges, insurrection and sudden changes coming from a place outside the Convention’s central governance (the “other”).  Uranus squares the chart’s Midheaven, further indicating challenges or rebellion against authority, and it trines Mercury and Venus, suggesting that the forces of change will be able to communicate their message publicly (and popularly).  The trine to Venus/Clinton might also indicate Hillary being pulled even further to the left to accommodate Sanders. 

There is potentially a darker undertone to the workings of the Convention, as well.  Jupiter (symbolizing Establishment forces) straddles the 11th/12th house cusp but is just into the 12th house, perhaps indicating the party’s willingness to use subterfuge to maintain power.  This is further indicated by Pluto’s trine to Jupiter from a strong behind-the-scenes position conjuncting the chart’s Nadir.  Pluto also sextiles the chart’s conjunction of Neptune and the South Node, another indication of potential duplicity and underhandedness, though in the 5th house such shenanigans may be difficult to hide.  Finally, Pluto squares the Convention’s Moon, indicating attempts by the party’s power structure to block any emotionally-driven impulse for change or any opposition to the will of party leaders.


OK, now let’s superimpose the natal charts of the two contenders (I’m not going to take this as far as progressions or solar arcs).  At the outset, Hillary seems to own this Convention (remember the strong placement of Venus in the Convention chart).  Her Sun and Jupiter (conjunct) are in the Convention’s 1st house.  Her Moon (conjunct Mars) and Mercury-conjunct-Venus are in the Convention’s second house, suggesting ownership of the Convention’s resources and its values (platform).  Her Saturn-conjunct-Pluto are in the Convention’s 10th house, with Saturn conjunct the Convention’s Sun and Pluto conjunct its Venus, indicating firm control and (if the Convention’s Venus does symbolize Hillary) a position of power.


Nevertheless, there are detriments.  Hillary’s Chiron is in the Convention’s 1st house also, leading her other 1st house planets.  Could this indicate an inherent vulnerability and ultimate wounding or disappointment?  Also, her Sun and Jupiter square Convention’s Sun in the 10th house.  Does this indicate being blocked from achieving her ultimate goal, or does this mirror to her natal Saturn square Sun-Jupiter indicate an even more determined drive to take the nomination?  Her Mercury-Venus is conjunct the Convention’s Mars.  Does this indicate that she will aggressively communicate her message or that she will be the object of attack?  Her Part of Fortune-conjunct-South Node transitioning to the Convention’s 3rd house (the convention floor?), is conjunct the Convention’s Saturn.  Will old karmas and habitual behavior cause difficulties for her, or will these help her to control the Convention as events unfold?


Bernie’s astrological relationship to the Convention is not as obviously dominant as Clinton’s but is significant, nevertheless.  His Sun is conjunct within a degree the Convention’s North Node in the 11th house—will he be the party’s destiny?  However, his South Node is conjunct the Convention’s Chiron.  Is this an indication of ultimate disappointment, or does it suggest a cost to the party of a Sanders victory?  Or, perhaps, it indicates Sanders’ inherent ability and resources needed to heal the wounds inflicted during the Convention.  His Venus is in the Convention’s 1st house.  Does this indicate his role as a peacemaker, or does it showcase his popularity and public appeal?  (His Venus is also conjunct Clinton’s Chiron.  Will his popularity wound Clinton’s chances for the nomination?)


Sanders’ Moon is conjunct the Convention’s Moon, suggesting his attunement to the mood of the Convention.  Both his Moon and Mars are conjunct the Convention’s Uranus, emphasizing the revolutionary energy that he will bring to the Convention and the emotional drive and fighting spirit behind it.  His Part of Fortune is conjunct within a degree the Convention’s Part of Fortune in the 9th house (the Conventions rules?  But also its big ideas).  Interestingly, Clinton’s Uranus is also conjunct this point (but a bit wider) and, so, his Part of Fortune is also conjunct her Uranus.  Could this symbolize a surprise or a sudden change in fortune that benefits Sanders?  Finally, because the two are not that generationally apart, Sanders’ Pluto is also in the Convention’s 10th house but it is in a much closer conjunction to the Convention’s Sun than is Clinton’s (Saturn is the planet closer to the Sun for her).  Could this signal that Bernie will ultimately take control of the convention or simply that he will make a power play at the Convention or use the Convention to try to gain power?


On a side note of interest, Clinton and Sanders have almost the exact same house structures.  If their birth times are correct, their Ascendants are within four minutes of each other and their Midheavens are within a degree.  Therefore, the Convention chart in relation to these points and to their houses doesn’t tell us very much.


Moving on to the likely nomination chart (see below), most of the planets will not have moved very far and the Ascendant and house structure is moveable, depending on exactly when the nomination is clinched.  What movement there is, all seems to be in Bernie’s favor, though.  The nomination chart is likely to have an Aries Ascendant, though if it goes past midnight, a Taurus Ascendant becomes more likely.  Hillary has no planets in that quadrant of her chart (the nomination would need to go to 4 am for the first planet, her North Node, to conjunct the nominating chart’s Ascendant).  Bernie’s Moon and Mars are in Aries and would be in the nominating chart’s 1st house until around 11:30 or so.  This is very consistent with an emotionally driven climax to the nominating process in Bernie’s favor.  By the 27th, the Sun will have moved in the direction of Bernie’s Pluto, making an exact conjunction earlier in the day.  This could be a sign of increased power over the Convention by the Sanders campaign.   And, Jupiter, which was conjunct Bernie’s North Node in the 12th house in the Convention chart, has moved closer, within a degree and a half, mirroring Bernie’s Sun conjuncting the nomination chart’s North Node.  This now occurs in the 6th house—much more openly than in the 12th, and consistent with Bernie’s message that it’s not about him and there is a lot of work to be done if the political revolution is to happen.