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This is the seventh installment of a new series of interpretations of the astrological symbol set. For interpretations of Planets in Signs, Planets in Houses and Planets in Aspect, please see the Depth Astrology series at the Smashwords e-publishing site, . 


The dynamics of sign-to-sign relationships can be useful not only in the interpretation of compatibility charts; they can also add information to the interpretation of planetary aspects.  As with other symbol set interpretations, the juxtaposition of the essential energies of each sign is the starting off point for exploring their meanings.


This series continues with Aries-Libra and will end with Pisces-Pisces, working around the zodiacal wheel factorially with a new zodiacal combination presented each month.  Past month’s articles are archived.  Upon completion, some 6 years from now, Insha’Allah, these articles will immediately be published as an e-book for sale.



With Aries-Libra, we have the combination of Fire and Air, both in Cardinal modality.  The character of the interaction between these two signs (and containers present in the two signs) is the natural opposition aspect that exists between the two signs.  Out-of-sign quincunxes, although possible between containers in these signs with planets in very early or late Aries and Libra, are not significant. 

Interpreting the Aries-Libra combination may also shed some light on a number of related symbol sets.  These include Aries in the seventh house, Libra in the first house, Mars in the seventh house, Mars in Libra, Venus in the first house, Venus in Aries and Mars-Venus aspects.

As a reminder, “container” is used here as a general term designating a planet whether in one’s own chart or another’s.  When in another’s chart, “container” may practically be viewed to mean the other person.  So that the analysis doesn’t wind up seeming too cold and depersonalized, I will sometimes use the personal pronoun (you) in lieu of the impersonal “container.”  Recognize that either term can refer to a planetary energy within you or your relationship with another person.

The opposition suggests a strong attraction between the two signs if the addage "opposites attract" is any indication.  However, with the Cardinal energy pulling in opposite directions, there is also potential for conflict betweem containers in these signs.  It is the very potential for conflict, though, that acts as the attractive force, as the opposition carries within it the imperative to resolve the apparent conflict of opposites.  Duality is the metaphysical archetype represented by the opposition and duality cannot exist without opposites.  That is, each pole of the duality depends upon the other pole for its existence.  Without this polarization, the elements return to a state of undifferentiated Oneness and the dictum that "Everything is Nothing" applies (unless, of course, the state of Undifferentiated Oneness, itself, is transcended--but that State lies beyond the metaphysical realm related to astrology). 

Symbolic of the relationship between the two poles of the opposition is the glyph of the Tao--white and black pushing eternally against each other but with a black dot at the center of the white force and a white dot at the center of the black force.  Always, each pole contains at its core its opposite, which is the potential for the resolution of the opposition.  For, the conflict of duality is not resolved by ending duality but by recognition of the essential Oneness inherent in all duality.  This is holding two points of view--two levels of consciousness--at the same time, not letting go of either.  At one level, there is opposite; at another level, there is unity.  When unity is recognized, there is no longer any cause for conflict.  The task of the opposition is to resolve the conflict of duality.  It is to this archetypal task that the containers at the poles of the opposition are attracted and, thus, to each other.

This analysis, of course, applies to all the pairs of opposites as the wheel of the Zodiac turns--Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, and Virgo-Pisces.  Each is presented with a unique archetypal conflict and each resolves the conflict in its own way.  Of course, the process is aided by the fact that, with each Zodiacal pair of opposites, the elements of the opposition are compatible.  Fire and Air, Earth and Water, revolve through the three modalities. 

The essential nature of the archetypal duality represented by Aries-Libra is the duality of Self and Other.  This might be seen as the basic duality of the Universe.  It is the first duality to emerge with the inital projection of Actualized Potentiality from the One.  Once there is consciousness of Self, consciousness of Other automatically emerges, for--at least as the Divine Energy is being projected from the One--there can be no recognition of Self without the existence of Other.  Thus, all "existence" in the world of Multiplicity is what the great Sufi Ibn al-`Arabi called "contingent existence."  The existence of the self is and must be contingent upon the existence of other and there is no "other" without a self to perceive it, without a self to relate to the other, so all "other" is also nothing but contingent existence.  Contingent existence is never satisfied with its contingency.  Contingent existence always yearns to return to the state of Reality--Existence which is Self-dependent, not contingent upon any thing.  Yet, to return to this state of non-contingency means the disappearance, the anihilation of all existence that is contingent--and that is the Cosmic rub.  The only solution for the contingent self and the state of otherness to resolve their opposition and to recognize their inherent unity.


Aries and Libra are locked in a mirror embrace, each perceiving his/her central dot in the other, which is the lack in him/herself that begs for fulfillment, the half of the whole that is pulled as if by a magnet toward his/her completion.  Specifically, for Aries and Libra, in Libra Aries perceives the Other for which he/she will sacrifice his/her Self; in Aries, Libra perceives the grounding of Self that she/he has lost by giving him/herself to the Other.  Thus, in practical terms, Libra reminds Aries that life is not all about him/herself.  She (and I use the feminine here consciously here) shows Aries the path to embracing the Other, the Beloved.  More mundanely, Libra models to Aries the importance of relationship, of consideration given to others, of the balance of putting someone else first at appropriate times.   Libra can (even strives to) introduce Aries to the world of social relationship, of give and take, of manners and respect for others.  This may be a whole new world for Aries and the lessons may, at first, be difficult, for they demand a certain level of ego-sacrifice.  Until the Libra consciousness is developed, Aries is likely unaware of anyone but him/herself as requiring consideration or as being of any importance.  (Of course, by the very nature of the duality of this world, Aries innately has that Libra consciousness within him/herself and it will need to be developed as the Aries nature matures; but Aries-Libra catylizes your awareness of your inner Libra.) 

If Aries resists the lessons that Libra would teach (or that you would learn from your own Libra nature), there is the danger of polarization and projection.  Not wanting to give up your ego-willfulness, you make your Libra partner/container carry all of the weight of responding to the other while you enjoy your own sweet will.  You may remain oblivious to others and their needs (and your responsibility to be attentive to those needs) because that is what your Libra partner is for.  Libra, seeing Aries' selfish indulgence, can then be prone to overcompensate and play the martyr to appease others and cover for his/her egoistic partner/container.  Then, perversely, you may criticize your Libra partner/container for this behavior, attacking him/her for only wanting to please with an ulterior motive of feeding his/her ego.  You may say, or feel, that it is only a form of ego to seek the approval of others, that your Libra partner/container is only buying love from others by sacrificing his/her own needs.  You may then use this as a justification for your own selfish behavior, proclaiming that "I am not going to play that game."  Or, Libra may react to Aries' persistent egotism by passive-aggressively guilt-tripping the Aries partner/nature.  If Aries then responds to the laying of blame, a battle can ensue between your need/right to self-assert and your duty to lay down your own ego for the needs of others.  This can quickly deteriorate into internal or external conflict involving your obligation to self versus your obligation to the other.   Aries will tend to fight this battle by asserting his/her right and duty to be true to his/her self (by, of course, asserting his/her own will).  Libra, on the other hand, will likely fall into classic indecision, pulled between your natural bent toward relationship, your sense of duty to put others first and your desire to please others and gain their approval, on the one hand, and your nagging sense that you need to reclaim your own selfhood, your suppressed resentment that your own needs are never met, and your guilt at trading accommodating others' needs for their approval. 

Libra can also engage in polarizing projection.  A passive Libra whose life has become one of accomodating others in order to secure social and interpersonal relationships can make his/her Libra partner/container carry all of the weight of self-assertion and caring for the interests of the self.  Libra can then remain preoccupied with satisfying the needs of the other because his/her partner/container is attending to his/her self-interest.  However, when self-interest conflicts with accommodating others, conflict is llikely to ensue.  Also, particularly in an Aries-Libra relationship, there may be an expectation on the part of the Libra partner that the Aries partner will take care of his/her needs; but when the needs of the Aries and Libra partners do not coincide, those expectations are not met, resulting in resentment and conflict.  Libra may also perversely criticize his/her Aries partner/container for fulfilling the self-assertive role that Libra has projected onto him/her. 

For Libra, the positive challenge of the Aries-Libra combination is to reclaim the lost self and establish the correct balance between self and the other.  The Libran nature is to be turned toward the other and to engage others in relationship.  Because relationship is often so important to Libra, it is easy for Libra to place excessive importance on nurturing and preserving relationship.  When this requires that your self-interest be sacrificed for the interests and needs of others, you are likely to make that sacrifice, which you are likely to frame as no sacrifice at all but something that you gladly do for those you love and who love you.  Yet, there is often an under-the-surface quid pro quo to be exacted in the form of appreciation and reciprocity in the relationship.  Especially if the other party does not reciprocate in line with your expectations, you can inwardly feel resentful that you are always making sacrifices (even though you may deny to yourself and others that you do feel that resentment).  Because Aries easily ignores the need to reciprocate in social relationships, Aries may act as a trigger to this resentment.  Although your initial reaction may be to feel hurt or even to lash out at your insensitive Aries partner, if you are conscious of this dynamic, it may be the catalyst for you to examine why and how you are sacrificing your own interests and needs, prompting you to assert your self more readily and achieve a healthy balance between self and other.

However, it is not necessary that your search for self and a healthy balance between self and other be the result of stressful relationship dynamics.  By using your Aries partner/container as a mirror, you can allow the dynamic of duality seeking its own balance to lead you in the direction of greater self-assertion and a reclamation of your sense of selfhood.  In a healthy relationship, Aries can take you by the hand and lead you to a greater appreciation of your own self.  Particularly if Aries has responded to Libra's promptings to be less self-engaged and more attentive to relationship, Aries can provide a model of strong, but not selfish, selfhood.  Libra can then come to realize that a strong and healthy relationship can only exist when both partners possess a strong and healthy sense of their own self, together with a willingness to give of their self to the other.  Libra lost in other ultimately loses the relationship he/she so strives to preserve.  in order to mature and to fulfill Libra's longing for completion in relationship, Libra must find his/her inner Aries and learn to cherish and even assert his/her self.  While this inner Aries is inherent in Libra and will be developed as Libra develops his/her consciousness, the Aries-Libra relationship is likely to catylize the discovery of the inner Aries and prompt Libra to fnd that balanced integration of self and other.

The balance between self and other is the key quest of the Aries-Libra relationship and it can be manifested in other ways, as well.  When Aries and Libra work in harmony and balance, there can be a healthy division of duties and self-regulation within the Aries-Libra relationship.  Aries will be the more assertive and self-interested partner but when this tendency begins to get too much out of balance, the Libra partner/container reminds Aries of the need to respect and accommodate the other and guides him/her in that direction.  Libra can keep Aries from becoming too self-absorbed and self-centered, engaging him/her in relationship, tutoring him/her in proper social etiquette and exposing him/her to the world of social relationship and engagement with the other.  When Libra is in danger of losing his/her self in his/her attention to the other, Aries can remind him/her of the importance of preserving his/her own selfhood.  When Libra becomes too passive, Aries can enliven the Libra energy, engaging him/her in activity, sparking his/her enthusiasm and leading him/her to rediscover the wonders and freedom inherent in the self.

This positive interchange between Aries and Libra reflects the natural harmony between Fire and Air.  Fire thrives on Air and Air is activated by Fire.  Libran Air can provide objectivity, balance and coolness to Aries Fire, as well as providing the intellectual, aesthetic and social fuel that can keep Aries interested and active.  Aries Fire can keep Libran Air from stagnating or from meandering aimlessly.  It can activate and liberate Libran energy. 

Another manifestation of the Aries-Libra combination is the oppositional tendencies of decisiveness/impulsiveness versus thoughtful weighing/indecision.  Positively, the Aries container can take the lead and move you toward decision and action when the Libra container is being indecisive.  The Libra container's weighing of a decision and attention to an action's impact on others can curb the sometimes rash impulsiveness of the Aires container.  This dynamic works well when each container is receptive to the other's aid.  However, a frustrating dynamic can result when the containers/partners are not consciously aware of the other's positive counter-balance.  In these cases, Aries can act impulsively but this is followed by Libra's regrets and second guesing over the action.  When Aries and Libra are partners, this can easily deteriorate into argument and blame.

Still another potential manifestation of Aries-Libra is through the opposed Warrior and Peace Maker archetypes.  The Warrior and Peacemaker can be in conflict but they can also come to each other's aid.  When at odds, the Warrior energy is likely to be disruptive, at the very least, to the harmony that the Libra Peace Maker strives to maintain.  Thus, the Warrior is likely to incur blame and disapproval from the Peace Maker while the Peace Maker is likely to feel compelled to either step into the fray to put an end to the conflict or to come in after the Warrior's destruction has been wrought to pick up the pieces and create a new harmony.  Having no empathy for the Peace Maker (a consequence of Aries self-centeredness), the Warrior may hold the Peace Maker in distain while the Peace Maker views the Warrior as barbaric.  Yet, without the Warrior, there would be no peace to make and without the Peace Maker, war would consume even the Warrior in destruction and exhaustion. 

However, it is also possible for the Warrior and Peace Maker to join forces, activating the common ground that they share.  This may happen once the aggressive Viking nature of the Warrior is transmuted into the Noble Knight in service of the Just Cause.  As oximorific as the concept of "fighting for peace" may be, the "Battle of Good and Evil" must be fought at times--we cannot do away with the wrongs of the world simply by wishing them away.  The Libran ideals of peace, love, justics and harmony can provide the Just Cause that harnesses the actve energies of the would-be Noble Knight.  This is the archetype of "fighting the good fight" and energetically advocating for the rights of others, of working to actualize a world of built upon Libran ideals.


As intimated above, the transcendent dimension of the Aries-Libra relationship lies in resolving the duality inherent in their natural opposition.  This requires rising above the opposition while still embracing the duality.  It also means transforming both the Aries and Libra energies to their highest potential, finding and actualizing their essential archetypal meanings.  For Aries, this is the transformation of the self to become the True Self.  For Libra, this is to transform the self-other relationship to become the True Relationship, that of the soul and the Divine Beloved.  Rising above the duality of Self and Other requires the realization that there is no separation.  It is all Self and it is all the Merging of the Lover into the Beloved at the same time.  Penetrate the mystery and again become Whole.

Of course, all of the Aries-Libra dynamics can play out internally, as well as between two people.  The Aries-Libra energy will also be modulated by the planets involved, whether in your own chart or someone else’s.  The depositorships of Mars and Venus may also come into play.   --  Gargatholil

When Uranus and Pluto are Beating You Up

Part One - The Uranian Side

During the recent and on-going Uranus square Pluto configuration, anyone with Uranus or Pluto aspecting a natal planet--particularly an inner planet or key point and particularly by conjunction, square or opposition--may have experienced some rough waters.  Even those whol have done considerable inner work are not immune to the psychological forces unleashed in synchronicity with this Uranus-Pluto transit.  Even when we intellectually know that our karmas are destined and that the world is illusion, under the pressure and stress brought on by these forces, one may still find oneself asking, "why is this happening to me?" and "how do I handle this energy that feels like one body blow after another?" 

At these times, we may need to be reminded that events--both mundane and psychological--associated with the Uranus-Pluto energies are generally signals from the unonscious for us to pay attention to areas of our lives/psyches that need to be transformed.  [See "The Current Uranus and Pluto Square" at Aries-Gemini in Archives.]  A great mystic once said, "Please remember that this world is a furnace through the fires of which the soul is purified."  Until we have reached that state, which very few attain, of being permanently and eternally merged with the Divine, we will always have inner work to do. 

So, the first task is to decode the signal from the unconscious.  If Uranus is the planet most closely aspecting your natal planet, your issue is likely to be one of attachment.  Attachment enslaves you to that to which you are attached.  The Uranean energy is one of liberation and freedom.  Whatever the status quo which the Uranus transit is signaling you to leave, you would not be stuck there if you were not attached to it.  And, leaving it would not be painful unless the attachment was deep.  You may look to the planet(s) involved, as well as to the house of both the planet aspected and of Uranus for clues to from what it is you need to detach.  Look to Pluto for the source of the deep emotional energy that is holding you to your attachment. It is, in large part, because of your deep emotional investment in that to which/to whom you are attached that makes it so difficult for you to become detached from what the Universe/your unconscious is pulling you away.  As the unconscious pull to detach becomes stronger and more insistent, the urge and struggle for control over the object of attachment or over the situation that is forcing you to detach is only likely to become stronger if the pull to detach is resisted.  As the tension and conflict between these two forces intensifies, so will your emotional pain unless, of course, you find some way to block, deaden or distract yourself from that pain.  Meanwhile, the Uranean energy that wants to liberate you from your attachment(s) is only likely to continue to shake your world.

Having identified the issue(s) that Uranus-Pluto symbolizes, the task at hand, then, is to work consciously to free yourself from the attachment(s) that the Universe has determined you must give up.  Of course, you may ignore this task, suffer through the remainder of the Uranus-Pluto transit and bear the consequences of remaining stuck in your attachment(s).  Better, of course, to address the issues and try to resolve them.  This may (or may not) require you to identify the source of your emotional attachment and consciously realize that it is no longer useful or valuable to retain those emotions.  Perhaps those emotions are rooted in pain and fear, especially of losing control.  Those roots may need to be addressed.

It is also likely that you may need to engage in a conscious process of letting go your attachment.  An aid to this letting go may be to focus on the freedom that letting this attachment go will give to you (and, if a person is the object of attachment, to that person, as well).  It may also be valuable to realize the appropriateness of you letting go of this attachment at this time.  It may be that you need to accept that the person or situation to which you are attached does not need you to be in control.  Freeing the object of your attachment may be difficult but, if it is seen as an act of love, you may receive consolation from your own Higher Self that you have made this loving choice. 

You may, of course, be conscious of and welcome the change that is coinciding with the Uranus transit but find that there are obstacles that are blocking the change from taking effect or are firmly resisting the Uranian transformation that you desire.  These obstacles may be within you in the form of fears (particularly of losing control or of being exposed) or other emotional barriers.  They may also be external in the form of powerful people or interests who are trying to preserve the status quo in order to maintain their own power or who are trying to exercise personal control over you.  Internal obstacles, of course, are easily identifiable as undealt with forces and complexes within your own subconscious that are holding you back.  You generally need to bring these to the surface so that their unreality can be exposed to the light of consciousness. 

External obstacles are usually more difficult for people to identify for what they really are--projections of your own subconscious fears and desires.  It will generally be necessary for you to identify the inner obstacles that these outer obstacles represent and deal with those energies.  You can also realize that no one or no system has power over you unless you allow this.  Probably the most frequent way in which someone allows themselves to be controlled by another is that they are attached to that person or system and/or to the rewards (or fear of punishment) associated with the person or system.  Freeing yourself of that attachment can go a long way to reducing the power that is held over you.  Remember, that even if the power blocking change seems to be directing its controlling energy impersonally, it is your attachment to the results that you wish to happen that is the issue. 

Also, keep in mind that it is an internal freedom and change in which you are being called upon to engage.  Even after freeing yourself from your attachments connected with the obstacle, the obstacle may still pesist in an external form.  Reactionary forces will still be operating in the world and that megalomaniac may still be your boss.  Even though these obstacles may be projections of your subconscious, the subconscious is more deeply rooted than you can imagine.  These forces are likely set in motion by karmas that may have been produced lifetimes ago and they must be gone through.  However, you can go through them in bondage or you can go through them freely with their effect just touching you lightly.

Of course, it is always a good thing to be receptive to those flashes of intuition that can come to you from the Higher Mind and from the more elevated levels of your own consciousness.  Making Uranus your friend in this way can point you in fruitful directions for turning difficult times into opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.  And, don't forget to make Pluto your friend, as well.  Do not be afraid to shine the light of awareness into the dark places of your psyche.  For, that boogieman in the closet might just turn out to be nothing but a shadow and disappear when the lights are turned on.  The forces associated with Pluto generate their own insights, these coming from your source-depths rather than from "above."  Be receptive to these insights and uncoverings as well and you may be shown avenues leading toward transformation.  Both Pluto and Uranus symbolize transformative energies at their highest manifestations so reach through the darkness and transform!

Part Two will focus on Pluto

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